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McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case

February 16, 2010

McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case

What have the McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case got in common?

When I was in prison, sat at a dining table with 3 other lifers, Mick said “I want to see you go on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman and see him ask you the same question 14 times”. Actually, it was 12 times. It will never happen, not not get on Newsnight, but me not not answering all questions put to me.

It will be recalled that Kate McCann said she would answer all questions put to her by the Portuguese police. She chose instead to exercise her rght to silence. The jury of the court of public opinion can interpret her silence as they so wish.

It would look rather silly of me if I went on Newsnight and exercised my right to silence. It is an opportunity to get one’s story across.

Where the McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case part company is that the prisoners have the law on their side and are in the right.