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Missing presumed dead

February 5, 2010

A man has been convicted of killing his wife even though a body has never been found.

Remember Kate McCann claiming that “They have taken her”?

In the above case…

Shortly before Prout reported his wife missing, he and Ms Bellamy met for lunch at a pub near Gloucester where he told her someone had “taken” Mrs Prout away.

Mr Dunkels told the jury: “The defendant appeared to be uptight, saying she had been horrible to his daughter. Diane Bellamy confronted him, asking him what he had done.

“He replied ‘Don’t ask me. They’ve taken her away. Don’t ask me any questions’.”

Basically, my position is that Madeleine is missing presumed dead.

The McCanns position is that Madeleine is missing presumed alive.

In my view, there is the need for a definitive ruling one way or another. I stand to gain nothing financially if I win. However, the McCanns stand to gain financially if they win.