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McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case

February 16, 2010

McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case

What have the McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case got in common?

When I was in prison, sat at a dining table with 3 other lifers, Mick said “I want to see you go on Newsnight with Jeremy Paxman and see him ask you the same question 14 times”. Actually, it was 12 times. It will never happen, not not get on Newsnight, but me not not answering all questions put to me.

It will be recalled that Kate McCann said she would answer all questions put to her by the Portuguese police. She chose instead to exercise her rght to silence. The jury of the court of public opinion can interpret her silence as they so wish.

It would look rather silly of me if I went on Newsnight and exercised my right to silence. It is an opportunity to get one’s story across.

Where the McCanns and the Prisoners Votes Case part company is that the prisoners have the law on their side and are in the right.


Madeleine: Registering a death abroad

February 12, 2010

Madeleine Beth McCann

I decided that it might be best if I sought the services of an Anglo-Portuguese law firm. And went for this firm.

I emailed them:


I am interested in registering a death abroad in Portugal and wish to know whether you provide this service?


John Hirst”.

And received the following email in reply:

“Dear Mr. Hirst,

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please be advised that we provide such services but I would ask you to provide more details if possible, so that I can ascertain what the next steps shall be and provide you with a quote.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Isabel Olazabal Ferreira

Senior Associate”.

I have been rather busy with my other passion, obtaining the vote for convicted prisoners, which has been in the news this week, so I could not pursue Justice for Madeleine. However, as that has eased up a bit I can now focus on providing Isabel with more detail to allow her to proceed.

I will, of course, keep you all updated on the progress of obtaining justice for Madeleine. That is, the issue of a death certificate/inquest for Madeleine.

More detail here.

It’s the public’s business to scrutinise the McCann business

February 6, 2010

When I first heard that the McCanns intended setting up a “Fighting Fund”, I wondered why and who or what were they fighting against?

Before its launch the fund had already raised £10,000 from medical colleagues of Gerry and Kate McCann and from a bucket of money filled up by visitors to Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital, where Madeleine’s father works“.

There is money to be made out of this.

Madeleine’s Fund created,

Companies House ‘Current Appointments Report’ shows that Madeleine’s Fund – Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited’ was created on this day:

Current Appointments Report for:

company was created 12th May 2007

It was initially set up, on behalf of the McCanns, in 48 hours, by the International Family Law Group (IFLG). This does appear to be something of a rush job. When jobs are rushed mistakes can be made.

Business, charity, or scam?

It is thought the original idea was to set the fund up as a charity but this was rejected, according to The Times, when it became clear that a charity cannot be operated for the sole benefit of one person. The Charity Commission later denied this.

One of the things that distinguishes a limited company from a charity is that it does not have all the rules and regulations which govern the conduct of the fundraising and which controls the proportion of the charities funds that are spent on overheads, expenses and wages etc.

It was also reported at the time that the Charity Commission was extremely disturbed at the way the Fund was being advertised as it gave people the impression that they were donating to a charity – not a private limited company.

The reality is, however unpalatable, that Madeleine’s Fund is a private limited company and can therefore spend the money donated in any way it so chooses. The memorandum of association is so wide that practically any expenditure could be approved by the board of directors“.

Not for the first time do we have a dispute with the McCann version of events and that given by someone else or by an organisation. I think it is possible, for example, to set up a charity in aid of a child dying from cancer. If this is the case, then there is no reason why the McCanns could not have registered their cause as a charity. The problem from their end would be the lack of control exercised by the McCanns. So, it was decided to set up a company instead. Nevertheless, some people still labour under the mistaken belief that the Madeleine Fund is a charity. Even allowing for the McCann statements that it is not a charity, I feel that the false impression remains in some people’s minds because of the way that the McCanns keep aligning themselves to charities, and misleading reporting in the media such as this from the recent McCanns fund raising event “The £90,000 raised will be split between the Maddie Fund and two other missing people’s charities“. It implies that the Madeleine Fund is a charity. I have yet to see any demand made by the McCanns to correct this false information. Given that the McCanns have a history for wanting corrections made in the media on stories concerning themselves, why is there silence on their part?

Having established that the Madeleine Fund is not a charity, the focus turns to the question of a business or scam. An indication that the McCanns are in the business to make money, is their distasteful application to brand their missing 3 year old child as a trademark.

Trademark application filed

The campaign to find Madeleine McCann has applied for British and European trademarks to protect its fundraising, internet and print promotions. The applications, which were filed on May 18, seek to protect the name “Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned”. The European application also seeks protection for the provision of social services and advice for people affected by missing children.

It appears as though the McCanns are laying claim to be the only persons entitled to earn money out of Madeleine’s disappearance. This does not sit well with the English law principle that criminals should not profit from their crimes. It is accepted that the McCanns have so far not been convicted of any criminal offence in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine. So, they remain innocent until proven guilty.

Bringing the McCanns to account is a long drawn out process. It will help if the Madeliene Fund is attacked successfully in the courts. It is hoped by doing this that rich backers like Brian Kennedy and Richard Branson will have a rethink about keep funding the McCanns.

I noted that it was originally stated that the McCanns would not use the Madeleine Fund in their criminal defence. And yet, the Madeleine Fund has been used to pay for the McCanns legal fight against Mr Amaral. The published accounts do not refer to it being used for this purpose in relation to Madeleine, but the court injunction clearly refers to Madeleine as being one of the claimants in the case. Once again we have an inconsistency from the McCann Camp.

It’s a business we are dealing with. I question the not for profit aspect. Accepting it is a business does not rule out the possibility that it is also a scam. Those conducting scams are in the business of making money. A legitimate business is not a scam, and a scam is not a legitimate business. My suspicion is that what we are really dealing with here is a scam. I do not have enough evidence to support a criminal beyond all reasonable doubt standard of proof, however, the civil standard of balance of probabilities does not look good for the McCanns.

Missing presumed dead

February 5, 2010

A man has been convicted of killing his wife even though a body has never been found.

Remember Kate McCann claiming that “They have taken her”?

In the above case…

Shortly before Prout reported his wife missing, he and Ms Bellamy met for lunch at a pub near Gloucester where he told her someone had “taken” Mrs Prout away.

Mr Dunkels told the jury: “The defendant appeared to be uptight, saying she had been horrible to his daughter. Diane Bellamy confronted him, asking him what he had done.

“He replied ‘Don’t ask me. They’ve taken her away. Don’t ask me any questions’.”

Basically, my position is that Madeleine is missing presumed dead.

The McCanns position is that Madeleine is missing presumed alive.

In my view, there is the need for a definitive ruling one way or another. I stand to gain nothing financially if I win. However, the McCanns stand to gain financially if they win.

Freemasons support the McCanns

January 27, 2010

The lanterns will be released at the Rothley Court Hotel in the McCanns’ home village of Rothley“.

Rothley Court Hotel

Rothley Manor

The Templars were granted land at Rothley in 1203 by John de Harecourt and the Manor of Rothley by Henry III in 1228. The Chapel still stands today next to the former manor house, which was converted into a hotel, Rothley Court Hotel, in 1960. Ownership has passed down to Clive Wormleighton, a member of the Order who became Preceptor of Leicester in 1974. The Chapel is open to the public upon asking at the hotel“.

Scottish Knights Templar

Is Gerry McCann a member of the Scottish Knights Templar?

Rothley Court Hotel

Speaking at a news conference at the Rothley Court Hotel in Leicestershire yesterday, Mr McCann, 41, said: ‘There’s a lot of people in Portugal, who might have evidence, that believe Madeleine is dead“.

The Daily Mirror reports…
Tapas 9 at secret meeting at Rothley Court Hotel

McCann Empire: The first 1,000 days

January 26, 2010

Clarence Mitchell: “Kate and Gerry have good and bad days, as you would well expect given that their daughter is still not home, as you say, nearly a thousand days on. They draw greatest strength from when they sense there is momentum in the search, and in the wider campaign to keep awareness of Madeleine high in the public eye, and so, on Wednesday, to mark a thousand days exactly they’re going to be holding a fund raising event in London and they’ll be surrounded by their long term friends and supporters, so they will draw great strength from that. But it is very difficult and they do find any, errr… anniversary or occasion like this to be very difficult“.

It is, perhaps, not surprising that the McCanns feel strongest when the hunt goes in the opposite direction to the McCanns. On the evening Madeleine went missing, 3 May 2007, the McCanns wined and dined with friends as they neglected to stay at home with the kids and abandoned them in Apartment 5A. And on the one thousandth day of evading justice, the McCanns will be once again wining and dining with friends.

It beggars belief that Clarence Mitchell can claim that the McCanns find it difficult to celebrate, the 50th, 100th, 1 year and now 2 year stage. Before the 50th was over Gerry McCann announced the intention to mark the 100th day since Madeleine went missing. On my Jailhouselawyer’s Blog, I pointed out “How does Gerry McCann know that Madeleine will not be found in the meantime?”. Shortly afterwards, Gerry McCann inserted the words “if she is not found” by the 100th day.

Jenna Wolfe after stating that the McCanns have brought an action in court against Mr Amaral, trying to gag him, she then goes on to sympathise with the McCanns by stating: “As if they need something else to continue to worry about”. What do you mean, along with guilty consciences? If they did not want the worry why did they bother to sue in the first place?

Childkiller says McCanns have something to hide

January 21, 2010

Ben Gunn sketch drawn by a fellow prisoner

It comes to something when even a child killer states that the McCanns are hiding something. To be fair, this child killer was only a child of 14 himself when he killed another child. I have no knowledge whether it was a boy or girl, or even the age of the other child, or why he killed the other child, he just says he “killed a friend”. That’s his business.

Ben Gunn aged 9
Ben Gunn aged 9 years: a younger male version of Myra Hindley?

The point is, prisoners, particularly lifers, have a sense when they hear, see, or read something being put across and it isn’t right. Like the appeal in the Shannon Matthews case, or McCann case. Alarm bells start ringing in their heads, and they look at each other and then express their opinions. It has happened too often that their scepticisms prove correct for it to be just a good wild guess. Given that they are such bad characters themselves, they are good judges of character. It would be interesting if a poll was done inside prison to see what percentage of the 84,000 prisoners believed the McCanns guilty.

McCanns: Just a thought

January 4, 2009

Listening to Viking FM yesterday I was particularly struck by the following advert:

“Hull the family friendly city where no child is left behind”.

I could not help but think that there must be a message somewhere in this for the McCanns…

My Christmas message for the McCanns…

December 21, 2008

My Christmas message for the McCanns…

A child is not just for Christmas.

According to the McCanns:

Christmas is a time for children. Please help bring our daughter back.”

The evening of  3 May 2007, was also a time for children. Instead, the McCanns chose to neglect their children in favour of a binge drinking session with their friends.

It is pathetic that the McCanns are pleading “Please help bring our daughter back”. They and they alone were responsible for Madeleine’s death and disappearance.

We will help bring your daughter’s body back to England for a decent burial. But first you must tell us where you disposed of her body.