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McCanns to get away with homicide

July 21, 2008

It is a huge disappointment to learn that Gerry and Kate McCann have had their arguido status lifted. This is not the same as clearing them of killing Madeleine and then disposing of her body. All it means is that the PJ were unable to pin down the McCanns with sufficient evidence to satisfy a court in Portugal of their guilt.

The BBC is reporting that their were failings in the case, for example, the “local police were criticised for failing immediately to seal off the apartment from which the three-year-old disappeared on the night of 3 May“. However, it should not be forgotten that before the police arrived about 50 people had traipsed in and out of the flat, which the McCanns did in order to contaminate the crime scene.

The BBC also states they should be criticised for not alerting the border force to a possible abduction. However, the BBC conveniently forgets that this case was never about a child abduction. It is about two doctors who killed and then disposed of Madeleine. The abduction story was a McCann invention to try and cover up their crimes. It should be remembered that the McCanns staged a fake break in which the police were quick to establish was an inside job and had nothing whatsoever to do with any alleged abductor.

The BBC also criticises the PJ for making the McCanns arguidos last September. However, I too would criticise the PJ. Not for declaring them arguidos at all, but for not doing so at the very start of the investigation. They allowed the McCanns too much liberty to get the media and politicians and big money interests to support them, thereby denying Madeleine the justice she so richly deserves.

UPDATE: Attorney-General’s statement:



By the dispatch of today’s date (21.07.2008 ) issued by the two magistrates of the Public Ministry competent in the case, it was decided that the inquiry relating to the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann will be archived due to insufficient proof of any crime having been perpetrated by the arguidos.


The status of arguido of Robert James Queriol Evelegh Murat, Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy hereby ceases, along with all associated restrictions applicable thereto.


Persons having a legitimate cause may lodge an appeal, request that an instruction be opened or request the re-opening of the inquiry.


The inquiry may be re-opened on the initiative of the Public Ministry or at the request of an interested party if new elements of proof emerge that will give rise to serious, pertinent and consequential investigatory activities.


After the legally prescribed time period, the case file may be consulted by any person who can show a legitimate interest in it, provided the prescribed legal formalities are observed.

Lisboa, 21 de Julho de 2008

The Press Office

Ana Lima

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They have enough evidence of child neglect.

They have enough evidence that there was no break in.

They have enough evidence that the McCanns lied about the break in.

They have enough evidence of a cover up.

They have enough evidence that Jane Tanner lied about seeing an abductor.

They have enough evidence that Gerry’s claim that the abductor was in the apartment at the same time as Gerry is false.

They have enough evidence that an innocent couple would not have gone to these lengths.

The case should have been taken to court. It must be remembered that the McCanns refused to answer 40 questions put by the PJ.