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McCanns show no respect for Madeleine and Mainstream Media is guilty of shielding McCann childkillers

August 18, 2008

It is noticeable that if you type “McCanns latest news” into Google that none of the Mainstream Media has reported anything on the McCanns for at least a week. And yet, both the mccannfiles and Joana Morais blogs have reported on the story of the McCanns tearing up the blank end pages of two of Madeleine’s story books to use as writing paper. I have known prisoners to do this in prison when writing paper was in short supply and such blank pages would come in useful, however, the books belong to the prison library and not some missing little girl. In my view, it was inexcusable what the McCanns did to Madeleine’s favourite story books. It shows no respect for Madeleine. Moreover, had Madeleine been genuinely abducted and therefore in a position to be returned alive to the McCanns, no doubt she would have been devastated by this destruction by her parents. Therefore, it is another indication that the McCanns know Madeleine will not be coming back to complain about what they have done. The McCanns have shown as little respect for Madeleine’s books as they did for Madeleine herself. First they kill her and dispose of her body before destroying Madeleine’s books to use to write upon them in an attempt to clear their names.

Below is Gerry’s entry on his blog Day 469 (14/08/2008 )

“It is over 3 weeks since we learned that the Portuguese authorities had closed the investigation to find Madeleine, lifted our arguido status and ended judicial secrecy. We were surprised that copies of investigation files were given to the media. The content of these files has been extensively reported. It will be clear to everyone now, that there is absolutely no evidence that suggests Madeleine has been seriously harmed. Knowing this, we strongly believe that Madeleine is out there and can be found.

Of course whoever is responsible for Madeleine’s abduction must, and can be, found to prevent them from putting another child and family through the misery we have suffered. We have always believed that this heinous crime could be solved with the help of the public.

Our investigators continue to explore credible leads and will continue to do so as long as Madeleine is missing. Now that the authorities are no longer looking for Madeleine we implore everyone who has provided information to the enquiry to contact us at or on + 44 (0)845 838 4699. We will guarantee that all information will be treated in the strictest confidence. You can help us find Madeleine”.

The first thing to point out is that the McCanns made such a fuss about getting access to these files, and when they do, Gerry is speechless on his blog for 3 whole weeks! Secondly, the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine has not been closed. It has been shelved until new information becomes available. Thirdly, I lost count the amount of times the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell told reporters they could not go into details because of the judicial secrecy. This has now been lifted for a month and still the Mccanns and Clarence Mitchell refuse to go into detail. There can only be one explanation for this continued silence, they have got something to hide. It is time that the Mainstream Media started putting leading questions to the McCanns, or asking them to now provide the details which they said before they were prevented from so doing.

It is untruthful for Gerry to claim that there is no evidence that Madeleine has been seriously harmed. Whilst he is happy to keep repeating this lie, he fails to point out the truth that there is absolutely no evidence to support the McCanns abduction theory. I believe that the heinous crime that the McCanns are guilty of perpetrating will be solved by the public. The pressure should be kept on the McCanns until one or both of them crack and tell us what happened on the night of 3 May 2007, and what they did with Madeleine’s body so that she can have a decent religious burial and a proper funeral service. Only then will the McCanns show Madeleine or her memory the respect she deserves.