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McCannspin money laundering

February 5, 2010

It is generally the case money laundering involves turning dirty money into clean money.

However, the McCannspin laundry takes clean money and turns it into dirty money via the Madeleine’s Fund.

This dirty money is then paid to Isabel Duarte to seek an injunction to gag Mr Amaral. The writ is paid for in dirty money.

Is justice blind in Portugal?


Why the McCanns are fraudsters

June 17, 2008

I have been having a good look at the Find Madeleine website set up by the McCanns on 10 May 2007 and a rather disturbing picture emerges, from its title onwards. Find Madeleine – The Official Website To Find Madeleine McCann.

It appears that Gerry has set himself up as the Madeleine Finder General in charge of finding Madeleine. However, I was under the impression that that is the task of the PJ?

The McCanns went on holiday to Portugal from Britain. Whilst there, they reported that Madeleine was missing to the Portuguese authorities who have jurisdiction in the matter of conducting an investigation into her disappearance. During the course of this investigation, the McCanns claimed that their apartment had been broken into. Furthermore, they claimed that Madeleine had been abducted.

The Portuguese police and the PJ very early on established that there was no evidence to support the McCanns assertion that there had been a break-in. This aroused the police and PJ’s suspicions of the McCanns involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. This was in addition to the fact that in the vast majority of cases involving harm to a child, a parent or family member or friend tends to be involved.

The McCanns changed their story from a locked apartment, to them leaving it unlocked.

Not only did this change of story confirm that the PJ were right to be suspicious of the McCanns in the first place, it added the element of child neglect into the case. So, even if the McCanns abductor theory was valid it still left the child neglect issue to be dealt with. The McCanns were in deep trouble.

Nevertheless, the McCanns were able to steal an advantage. Because of the secrecy laws surrounding the PJ investigation, the PJ were hampered as the McCanns spoke out to the media, and sparked a diplomatic incident.

But, to get back to the McCanns website, it was originally set up a week after Madeleine was reported missing. According to the mccannfiles:

“The official website was set up primarily as a vehicle to collect donations from the public. It must be said that the content of that site (site relaunched in Feb 2008), particularly in relation to Madeleine herself, was sparse and woefully weak. For example, in the ‘About Madeleine’ section, all it told us about Madeleine was that she was ‘born 4 years ago’.

It appears clear that the original website, ‘’, was set up,  through the efforts of Philomena McCann, with genuine intentions of raising awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance and helping to maintain her profile with the public. The aim being clearly stated in the website title: To bring Madeleine home.

When the website was relaunched a week later using a different domain name, ‘’, the motivation of the website had dramatically changed. It was still claimed to be about raising awareness but this was now subservient to the new driving goal of the site, which was to raise money through donations.

The website was relaunched (becoming the third version) on 01 February 2008, noticeably now without the running total of donations to Madeleine’s Fund but with a vastly improved section on Madeleine herself”.

I had come to the conclusion that the intention of the website was not about finding Madeleine at all before reading the same view expressed by the mccannfiles, and that its intention was to earn money for the McCanns. I would be very interested to learn why the running total for donations is absent. Again, I noticed this for myself. What I was looking for was transparency and accountability in relation to the Madeleine Fund. All I found was a murkiness designed to obscure clarity, and a distinct lack of accountability. I would suggest that this is the work of fraudsters.

According to the McCanns on their website:

“Someone, somewhere has information about Madeleine that could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for”.

Somehow, I don’t believe that the McCanns are hoping that the real investigators, the PJ, will get the breakthrough that they are looking for.

This is clearly a fraudulent statement:

“Since September 2007 , a private detection agency Metodo3 who are based in Barcelona, has been employed to complement the official investigation, in particular focusing its enquiries outside of Portugal”.

I am sure that the PJ do not feel that Metodo3 in any way complements their investigation. It is an unofficial investigation organised by the McCanns. Metodo3 has cost at least £50,000 per month from the Madeleine Fund, and produced no results. By that I mean they have not found Madeleine. However, from the McCanns perspective, laying false trails from their door and providing false sightings, the McCanns may feel that the public’s money has been well spent.

And this is what the fund has always been about, to support the McCanns and not find Madeleine.