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McCanns to blame for fake sightings

August 12, 2008

Maddie McCann was seen for the last time by someone not of her family at 17.00 on that day“. This was the last confirmed sighting of Madeleine alive.

The first two fake sightings following this genuine sighting are by Kate and Gerry McCann:

Kate said that she had left the girl covered. Gerry, the father, maintains that the girl was sleeping on top of the blankets clutching her favourite soft toy“.

Nige at mccannfiles is running another poll and asks this question: “Do you believe press and media coverage of ‘Maddie sightings’ has got out of hand?”. And, in response to the following question: “Yes, the media are insulting Madeleine’s name and memory with constant ridicolous ‘sightings’ (I believe she is dead) has so far polled 72% of the vote.

UPDATE: Belgian Madeleine sighting ruled out.