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Madeleine: The truth behind the lies

May 17, 2011

I did not buy a copy of the Sunday Times this week to read extracts of the book Madeleine by Kate McCann. Rather I bought it to read the article featuring myself exposing those hiding behind super injunctions. But it was quiet on the news front today, and I thought I would punish myself further by reading Kate McCann’s account.

The account is on the front page of a section called News Review. Whilst the McCanns have been in the news this week, publicising the book, the account itself is not news. Therefore if it was going to be published at all perhaps it should have gone in elsewhere?

It would be news if there was any evidence to support this claim: “In the weeks after Madeleine McCann was abducted…”, being written by an editor and not by Kate McCann herself. Similarly, apart from finding the content repulsive, I don’t believe the book was written by Kate McCann but is instead the work of a ghost writer.

It is obviously a work of fiction. However, as Jack Higgins appreciates, when he wrote The Eagle Has Landed, blending fact with fiction makes a more believable account. For example, Kate McCann claims to be recounting a dream: “Please, God, don’t let her go! Stay with me, Madeleine. Please stay with me. Don’t go – stay with Mummy. Please, sweetheart, hold on. I love you so much”. What if she did say these words, but 4 months earlier, as Madeleine lay dying or already dead on the evening of 3 May 2007 in Apartment 5A?

A bit later on she recounts: “Gerry was distraught now. He was on his knees, sobbing, his head hung low. “We’re finished. Our life is over,” he kept saying over and over again”. I can imagine him saying this coming back from playing tennis, and finding Madeleine dead in Apartment 5A. Then self preservation takes over and they hatch a plot in an attempt to salvage their reputations. The plot involves disposing of Madeleine’s body, staging a fake break-in, and inventing an abductor.

Should Kate McCann be Woman of the Year 2008?

January 2, 2009

Amanda Knox voted Italian

‘woman of the year’

The American student accused of stabbing her British flatmate Meredith Kercher to death has been named among Italy’s personalities of the year.

Story here.

J’accuse I accuse the McCanns

September 4, 2008

Were the Portuguese police right to “believe that Kate McCann killed Madeleine while putting her to bed at their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz between 7pm and 8.30pm on May 3” 2007?

Clarence Mitchell claimed that the allegation is nonsensical. The McCann camp lied to the public and the media when “A source close to the McCanns said: “… Kate was not in the apartment alone with Maddie”…”.

Even in this untruthful account given by Kate McCann she states she was alone in the apartment whilst Gerry McCann went out to play tennis: “Kate said that she and Gerry went back to apartment, with the children, around 5:40 pm and gave them bath, together (statement to PJ, September 6, 2007). They thought about taking the children to the playground area, after bath, but decided not to do it, that day, because the children were really very tired. Just before 6:00 pm, Gerry left the apartment and went to the tennis court“.

Kate McCann lied to cover up the fact that she was alone with the three children in the apartment and when the children were being bathed: “According to his statement, on September 7, 2007Gerry was playing tennis. At around 6:30 pm, David Payne came from Paraíso bar, and asked him if he was going to keep playing. Gerry said he didn’t know, because Kate could need some help to take care of the three children, as they intended to take them to the playground, after the bath“.

I did float the theory on my Jailhouselawyer’s blog that perhaps Madeleine drowned? In any event, I would strongly suggest that Madeleine died around bath time. Why did the McCanns go to so much trouble to try and convince the public and the media that the adults bathed the children together? The McCanns got the basics of their story together, however, it started to fall apart with the glaring inconsistencies. Not only did the PJ detect the inconsistencies, bloggers, forumers and those in chatrooms also ripped the McCanns story apart.

The hastily arranged get together in the Tapas bar was solely for the purpose of discussing what Gerry McCann stated was a disaster to their life-style. The agenda being a cover up. Their careers and reputations were at stake, Madeleine was dead and none of their medical expertise could alter that fact, so they embarked upon a salvage operation to save what was left. It was decided that the Vanishing Act would be blamed on an abductor who broke into the apartment, and the McCanns would use the media to further their aims. When their version of events raises the eyebrows of the PJ because what they are hearing does not correlate with the scene as set up by the McCanns, Jane Tanner suddenly becomes a witness to seeing the abductor. However, this hastily arranged shoring up the version of events had flaws. Neither Jeremy Wilkins nor Gerry McCann state they saw Jane Tanner at the same time and place she claimed to be when seeing the abductor. Jeremy Wilkins had inadvertantly stumbled upon Gerry McCann tampering with the shutters to make it look like a break in had occured, or as he later claimed a break out by the abductor as he went out of the window. Both Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins would not only have seen the abductor, they would have also heard him.

Bath time, Jane Tanner’s sighting and Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins meeting are 3 key weaknesses in the McCanns version of events.

Clarence Mitchell states: “We just hope that everyone can see these ridiculous rumours for what they are. It is very hard on the couple because they are not allowed to talk about the investigation and cannot defend themselves”.

There is nothing stopping the McCanns from speaking out now to defend themselves.

J’accuse I accuse the McCanns.

Kate McCann tried to emotionally blackmail head of the PJ

August 6, 2008

The Telegraph is reporting: Kate begged Portuguese police to end ‘war’

Once more the British media is adding something to its reporting which is not mentioned in Kate McCann’s letter to Paulo Rebelo, that is, the term ‘war’. And, rather conveniently, failing to address other factors in the text of Kate McCann’s letter.

For example, the McCanns were made arguidos in September. It is improper for the suspects in a case to write to the official in charge of the case demanding to be kept informed about the details of the inquiry into their conduct.

Kate McCann wrote in her letter: “We will continue to work with the PJ (and are keen to do so as soon as possible!) as we have done since that moment when I discovered that Madeleine had been taken”.

One thing that stands out about the McCanns in this case is their failure to work with the PJ from the outset in their inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine. It is a lie for Kate McCann to claim that they have always worked with the PJ since Madeleine’s disappearance. This lie is exposed for what it is given that the letter was written on 4th December 2007, and the McCanns fled Portugal on 9th September 2007 leaving the PJ with 48 unanswered questions.

Kate McCann writes: “Madeleine is the most precious thing in our life”. If this was the case, then the very least the McCanns can do for the memory of Madeleine is admit to killing her and disposing of her body.

Kate McCann writes: “This shouldn’t be about ‘finger-pointing blame'”. However, from the outset of this case the McCanns have been finger-pointing the blame at everybody else but themselves. Ever since they managed to get the PJ files the McCanns have been seeking to finger-point at the PJ for its alleged failings as a distraction from the McCanns crimes of child neglect and child killing and disposable of a child’s body.

It is true that the PJ are guilty of failings in this investigation. However, this amounts to a splinter of wood compared to the plank of wood of the guilt by the McCanns.

The truth of the matter is that the McCanns did lie

July 28, 2008

The McCanns, through their family and friends, informed the media that Apartment 5A had been broken into and that during the course of this break in the shutters were jemmied up and damaged in the process.

Because so many told this same story, it cannot be said that they all made this up, the story had to come from one source, which is what the family and friends said themselves, and that source was the McCanns.

Imagine for a moment that you come back to your apartment, after going out at 8.30pm, at, and your 3 year old daughter has gone missing. One of your first reactions would be to sound the alarm. Which is what Kate McCann did.

It is clear that there is no sign of a break in. However, the shutter has been raised from the inside and the window has been opened from the inside, and Kate McCann’s fingerprints are all over where they have been opened.

Given that there was no sign of a break in, the McCanns sought to create the impression that there had been a break in. This is like the magician or illusionist on stage trying to create an impression to fool the audience into believing they had seen something happen when in fact it was a trick.

Madeleine was the subject of a vanishing act. The McCanns claimed that an abductor broke into Apartment 5A and Madeleine vanished.

A “family friend Jill Renwick told GMTV the McCanns were certain that Madeleine has been abducted”.

“They were just watching the hotel room and going back every half-hour and the shutters had been broken open and they had gone into the room and taken Madeleine“.

However, in the same media report, quoting the Ocean Club manager:

“Mr Hill said that despite the report by a family friend that the shutters to the couple’s apartment were broken, there was no sign that anyone had forced their way in while the McCanns ate at the tapas restaurant 200 yards away”.

The lie here is not that Madeleine is missing. The deception is the McCanns claiming that there had been a break in at Apartment 5A, when there clearly had not been a break in. If the McCanns claimed that whoever broke into the apartment was responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance, and the apartment was not broken into but was just a story made up by the McCanns, then it follows that the McCanns are responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance. If this is not the case, then the McCanns are free to offer an explanation. They are no longer arguidos, they are no longer subjected to the Portuguese secrecy laws, they can no longer hide behind the “We cannot go into details”.

The police, PJ, and even Clarence Mitchell, has stated that there was no evidence of a break in.

But, the fact remains that the McCanns told a lie about there being a break in.

What is the truth behind why the McCanns told this lie?

Kate McCann’s fingerprints all over fake break in attempt

July 25, 2008

In the PJ’s Final Report it states that only Kate McCann referred to a window being opened by the so-called abductor, who the McCanns claim is responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine. However, the Final Report also states “at around 10 p.m., when KATE went to the apartment she verified that MADELEINE had disappeared, and that the window and shutters of the bedroom were open”.

“At page 884 and the following, it was added the lophoscopy [study of fingerprints] report where only finger traces of KATE HEALY were found, namely on the window’s frame who would have been opened at the time of the disappearance”.

According to Gonçalo Amaral

“The little girl’s mother, Kate, is the only person that mentions the open window…They are the only fingerprints on the window. And in a position of opening the window”.

The Sun reports that “The McCanns plan to take action against Amaral, Portuguese newspapers which reprinted parts of the £10 book and bloggers who discussed it”.

There is something wrong when the evidence points towards the McCanns guilt in the disappearance of Madeleine, and yet they are able to sue to try and silence bloggers and the like from discussing the case.

Without doubt there is a truth behind the lie.

McCanns win MEPs backing for abduction alert system

July 10, 2008

Gerry and Kate McCann have won the backing of MEPs for a Europe-wide child abduction alert system

I have deliberately left the following words out of the headline “which they believe could have helped find their missing daughter”, because I don’t for one minute believe that they believe anything of the sort.

Apparently, the McCanns began their campaign after discovering that border officials in Spain were not told about Madeleine’s disappearance until 12 hours after the alarm was raised by Kate McCann. I don’t know why Spanish border officials needed to be alerted in this case. It wasn’t as though there had been an abduction. It’s a simple case of the McCanns being in some way responsible for Madeleine’s death and then arranging the disposal of her body.

I think an abduction alert scheme is a good thing in Europe. However, I am repulsed at the thought it should be championed by those suspected of killing their own 3 year old daughter. Especially, when Gerry and Kate McCann had this to say about MEPs supporting their initiative: “By doing so they are helping to make Europe a safer place for children”. This from the hypocritical couple who went out binge drinking every night leaving 3 small children under 4 years of age Home Alone! And this comment: “Hopefully this will also mean that far fewer families have to suffer the pain that we are continuing to endure”.  Any pain that they are suffering is self-inflicted, and they can end it at anytime by walking into the nearest police station and confessing.

Bits of news on the McCanns

July 9, 2008

Nige at mccannfiles has a couple of juicy snippets…

Street of Shame Private Eye (this article appears in paper version only)

Issue No. 1214 11 July – 24 July 2008

Published: 09 July 2008

“If the Portuguese police had a shred of decency they would now make a public apology to Kate and Gerry,” Allison Pearson thundered in the Daily Mail last week as she recalled the appalling smear campaign to which the McCanns had been subjected by Inspector Knackeros.

“Remember the fluid from a dead body, matching Maddy’s DNA, that was supposedly found in the boot of her parents’ hire car? Remember the (false) rumour that Kate had previously suffered with depression? Remember the well-thumbed page of the Bible, with a text about a dead child, which was taken as evidence that Kate had a guilty conscience?”

Yup, Pearson’s readers probably do remember headlines such as “DNA ‘does prove Madeleine’s body was in hire car'” (3/11/07), and reports suggesting that Kate McCann had “sleeping pills or medication for depression” which could have been accidentally taken by her daughter (14/9/07), and other stories wondering “Why did Kate McCann, who is Catholic, mark a passage in the Bible which talks about the death of a child?” (25/10/07) – not least because they all appeared in the Daily Mail.

Cash row over Maddie group The Sun
Published: Today
MADELEINE McCann’s parents have urged people not to give money to a group called the Madeleine Foundation.
The Foundation, which has a £10 annual membership fee, is led by Anthony Bennett, 60, who failed with a private prosecution against Kate and Gerry McCann for child neglect.
He is telling people he intends to bring another private prosecution.
But the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: “Kate and Gerry would warn people not to give any money to this foundation. It is mis-using Madeleine’s name.”
Maddie vanished in Portugal in May 2007.

McCanns: Physicians heal thyselves

June 18, 2008

When I first heard and read the following quote from Kate McCann at yesterday’s press conference in Strasbourg, my initial reaction was that because there was no abduction therefore the McCanns could not suffer any pain.

A structure we feel is absolutely vital if no other families are to go through the pain we have suffered and continue to suffer since Madeleine’s abduction nearly 14 months ago“.

However, there will be those in the extended family who do actually believe the McCanns version of events and this may be painful for them.

My reasoning is restricted to Gerry and Kate McCann, and I thought that evading justice was not painful.

Unlike the McCanns, I hold my hands up when I am in the wrong.

Socrates: May not their way of proceeding, my friend, be compared to the conduct of a person who is afflicted with the worst of diseases and contrives not to pay the penalty to the physician for his sins against his constitution, and will not be cured, because, like a child, he is afraid of being burned or cut: – Is not that a parallel case?

Polus: Yes, truly.

Socrates: He would seem as if he did not know the nature of health and vigour; and if we are right, Polous, in our previous conclusions, they are in a like case who strive to evade justice, which they see to be painful, but are blind to the advantage which ensues from it, not knowing how far more miserable a companion a diseased soul is than a diseased body; a soul, I say, which is corrupt, unrighteous and unholy. And hence they do all that they can to avoid punishment and to avoid being released from the greatest of evils; they provide themselves with money and friends, and cultivate to the utmost the powers of persuasion. But if we, Polus, are right, do you see what follows, or do we draw out the consequences in form?

Polus: If you please.

Socrates: Is it not a fact that injustice, and the doing of injustice, is the greatest evils?

Polus: That is quite clear.

Socrates: And further, that to suffer punishment is the way to be released from this evil?

Polus: True.

Socrates: And not to suffer, is to perpetuate the evil?

Polus: Yes.

Why the McCanns are fraudsters

June 17, 2008

I have been having a good look at the Find Madeleine website set up by the McCanns on 10 May 2007 and a rather disturbing picture emerges, from its title onwards. Find Madeleine – The Official Website To Find Madeleine McCann.

It appears that Gerry has set himself up as the Madeleine Finder General in charge of finding Madeleine. However, I was under the impression that that is the task of the PJ?

The McCanns went on holiday to Portugal from Britain. Whilst there, they reported that Madeleine was missing to the Portuguese authorities who have jurisdiction in the matter of conducting an investigation into her disappearance. During the course of this investigation, the McCanns claimed that their apartment had been broken into. Furthermore, they claimed that Madeleine had been abducted.

The Portuguese police and the PJ very early on established that there was no evidence to support the McCanns assertion that there had been a break-in. This aroused the police and PJ’s suspicions of the McCanns involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance. This was in addition to the fact that in the vast majority of cases involving harm to a child, a parent or family member or friend tends to be involved.

The McCanns changed their story from a locked apartment, to them leaving it unlocked.

Not only did this change of story confirm that the PJ were right to be suspicious of the McCanns in the first place, it added the element of child neglect into the case. So, even if the McCanns abductor theory was valid it still left the child neglect issue to be dealt with. The McCanns were in deep trouble.

Nevertheless, the McCanns were able to steal an advantage. Because of the secrecy laws surrounding the PJ investigation, the PJ were hampered as the McCanns spoke out to the media, and sparked a diplomatic incident.

But, to get back to the McCanns website, it was originally set up a week after Madeleine was reported missing. According to the mccannfiles:

“The official website was set up primarily as a vehicle to collect donations from the public. It must be said that the content of that site (site relaunched in Feb 2008), particularly in relation to Madeleine herself, was sparse and woefully weak. For example, in the ‘About Madeleine’ section, all it told us about Madeleine was that she was ‘born 4 years ago’.

It appears clear that the original website, ‘’, was set up,  through the efforts of Philomena McCann, with genuine intentions of raising awareness of Madeleine’s disappearance and helping to maintain her profile with the public. The aim being clearly stated in the website title: To bring Madeleine home.

When the website was relaunched a week later using a different domain name, ‘’, the motivation of the website had dramatically changed. It was still claimed to be about raising awareness but this was now subservient to the new driving goal of the site, which was to raise money through donations.

The website was relaunched (becoming the third version) on 01 February 2008, noticeably now without the running total of donations to Madeleine’s Fund but with a vastly improved section on Madeleine herself”.

I had come to the conclusion that the intention of the website was not about finding Madeleine at all before reading the same view expressed by the mccannfiles, and that its intention was to earn money for the McCanns. I would be very interested to learn why the running total for donations is absent. Again, I noticed this for myself. What I was looking for was transparency and accountability in relation to the Madeleine Fund. All I found was a murkiness designed to obscure clarity, and a distinct lack of accountability. I would suggest that this is the work of fraudsters.

According to the McCanns on their website:

“Someone, somewhere has information about Madeleine that could be the breakthrough we have been waiting for”.

Somehow, I don’t believe that the McCanns are hoping that the real investigators, the PJ, will get the breakthrough that they are looking for.

This is clearly a fraudulent statement:

“Since September 2007 , a private detection agency Metodo3 who are based in Barcelona, has been employed to complement the official investigation, in particular focusing its enquiries outside of Portugal”.

I am sure that the PJ do not feel that Metodo3 in any way complements their investigation. It is an unofficial investigation organised by the McCanns. Metodo3 has cost at least £50,000 per month from the Madeleine Fund, and produced no results. By that I mean they have not found Madeleine. However, from the McCanns perspective, laying false trails from their door and providing false sightings, the McCanns may feel that the public’s money has been well spent.

And this is what the fund has always been about, to support the McCanns and not find Madeleine.