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McCanns: Reasonable suspicion?

October 23, 2008

The police are called to report that a 3 year old girl is missing from an apartment. Besides a girl missing, what else is missing? The answer is, an explanation for her disappearance. The parents offer an explanation, rather conveniently, they state an abductor must have taken Madeleine away. Initially, they claim that the apartment was locked. And, that the abductor effected a break-in. Upon further investigation it is discovered that the apartment was left unlocked by the parents, and that no break-in occurred.

The parents were the last people to see Madeleine.

“The CATCHEM database used by police on investigations into child disappearances indicates that 80% of missing children have been killed either by parents or close relatives and that the snatching of children by roving paedophiles is actually quite rare”.

Obviously, each individual case has to be judged on its individual merits.

If we look at this objectively, to date we have 3 unsatisfactory explanations offered by the McCanns.

1. “We thought it was safe”.
2. “The apartment was locked”.
3. “There was a break-in”.

That’s 3 reasonable grounds for suspicion.



A crime mystery?

October 23, 2008

On the 3rd of May 2007, at approximately 10pm, at Praia da Luz in Portugal, the parents of 3 year old Madeleine Beth McCann declared her to be missing.

How was it possible for Madeleine to simply go missing? The simple answer provided by Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate McCann, was that they had left Madeleine and their 2 year old twins, in the apartment alone, without supervision, whilst they went out for a meal and drinks with their friends. At the time stated, Kate McCann claimed that she left the tapas bar to check upon the children and discovered that Madeleine was absent.

Was it safe to leave 3 children under 4 years of age all alone without supervision? The simple answer is, no it is not.

Is there any evidence that Madeleine was asleep in the apartment along with the twins? The simple answer is, no. There is no evidence whatsoever, just the parents word that she was.

Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that the parents are in some way responsible in the disappearance of Madeleine.