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The growing army against the McCanns

September 4, 2008

In May of this year I decided to change the title and content of this blog from its previous role of attacking the failed politician Iain Dale, who is not really all that important, to the serious issue of attempting to obtain justice for Madeleine. Yesterday I looked at the stats for readers of this blog since the change of its purpose they are as follows:

May: 1,259

June: 6,395

July: 7,084

August: 10,537

Fairly consistently Joana Morais is the top referrer to this blog, occasionally the top referrer has been (like yesterday, for example) or and before I was banned from the forum The Three Arguidos provided much traffic. In spite of the attempt by the 3As to silence me, they have appeared to have lost the plot somewhere down the line, this blog has grown from strength to strength.

There was a shaky moment yesterday when an attempt to censor Kate McCann killed Madeleine was made by someone at wordpress. Obviously some supporter of child killing lodged a complaint and it was probably someone within the McCann camp. Anyone interested in the legal position of blogs and libel may find this Judge and Jury? post illuminating. My view is, if the McCanns, their lawyers or Clarence Mitchell are not happy with the content of this blog they are free to sue me for libel. Getting the McCanns into court has been my main objective since 3 May 2007.

We are fighting the good fight. Should this blog get silenced I will continue the fight on my Jailhouselawyer’s blog until such time as I can arrange for a web host operating from the USA where they are not as afraid of freedom of speech as they are in the UK. Above the interests of the McCanns I place justice for Madeleine. Someone has to care for the memory of Madeleine, because her parents did not care for her when she was alive and have displayed no respect for her since she was so tragically killed on the evening of 3 May 2007. May she rest in peace. However, there will be no peace for the wicked McCanns.


Justice for Madeleine: What does it mean?

June 6, 2008

I am aware that justice means different things to different people. In this specific case, I would say it means…

Taking as my starting point, I believe that Madeleine’s disappearance is the McCanns legal responsibility.

Whether it is believed that the McCanns killed Madeleine and then covered this up by disposing of her body, or whether it is believed that the McCanns are simply guilty of neglect, it comes down to the same thing. And that is, making the McCanns accountable in a court of law.

I don’t agree with trial by media, if it is instigated by the media. However, in this case the McCanns have chosen to play the media from the outset. They have argued that the media is useful for publishing photos of Madeleine, but a careful analysis shows that the McCanns have been riding the media tiger to put forward their defence and try and garner sympathy and support for themselves personally.

I think this approach is suspicious. It would tend to suggest that the McCanns main agenda has not been about finding Madeleine at all.

Before the question had been widely asked, it appeared as though the McCanns were saying: “Not me, Guv”.

However, nobody else is responsible for leaving Madeleine and the twins unsupervised. Recently, we had the case where a small child was being supervised by an adult. And the child was killed whilst being ridden on a mini-motorbike on a pavement. It was not responsible parenting. The adult is facing prosecution. Whilst we can have sympathy for him, nevertheless, it remains he was responsible for what befell the child. He had made the decision to take the child on the motorbike, he failed to take into account other road users could not reasonably foresee that a small motorbike would suddenly appear to come out of nowhere and crash into their vehicle.

The McCanns cannot reasonably argue that it was safe to leave 3 children under 4 years of age unsupervised.

At the very least, I would say justice for Madeleine includes a prosecution for child neglect.

I would like to thank…

June 2, 2008