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Childkiller says McCanns have something to hide

January 21, 2010

Ben Gunn sketch drawn by a fellow prisoner

It comes to something when even a child killer states that the McCanns are hiding something. To be fair, this child killer was only a child of 14 himself when he killed another child. I have no knowledge whether it was a boy or girl, or even the age of the other child, or why he killed the other child, he just says he “killed a friend”. That’s his business.

Ben Gunn aged 9
Ben Gunn aged 9 years: a younger male version of Myra Hindley?

The point is, prisoners, particularly lifers, have a sense when they hear, see, or read something being put across and it isn’t right. Like the appeal in the Shannon Matthews case, or McCann case. Alarm bells start ringing in their heads, and they look at each other and then express their opinions. It has happened too often that their scepticisms prove correct for it to be just a good wild guess. Given that they are such bad characters themselves, they are good judges of character. It would be interesting if a poll was done inside prison to see what percentage of the 84,000 prisoners believed the McCanns guilty.