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It’s my party I can lie if I want to

January 17, 2010

Childkillers McCanns

It has been a long standing principle of English law that criminals should not profit from their crimes. And yet, the childkillers Gerry and Kate McCann intend to throw a party to celebrate the fact that they have evaded prosecution for 1,000 days.

To allow them to continue being on the run from the law the McCanns intend to charge 180 guests £150-a-head in an attempt to raise £50,000 for their mortgage fund.

It is sad that two charities are so desparate for money, they are expected to split £50,000 between them, that they associate themselves with the paedophile pair.

Meanwhile, in other news, FURIOUS Kate McCann has branded the ex-detective who led the hunt for her daughter a liar.

It comes to something when the McCanns lied about the fake break-in at Apartment 5A having the audacity to brand anyone else a liar!