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Since when has the question about child neglect become so boring a subject?

June 19, 2008

I refer in the title, of course, to Gerry McCann’s outburst, at the Strasbourg press conference, when the McCanns were asked, by a Portuguese journalist, why they had left their children unsupervised on 3 May 2007.

Now, I can understand that the topic was meant to be the McCanns hijacked Amber Alert scheme. However, surely the McCanns can appreciate that the journalist was only doing his job and leaving no stone unturned in the search for truth?

Gerry McCann’s complaint was that some of the journalists were going over old ground. And, the McCanns wanted to move on. However, there are benefits of going over old ground. An example might be the gold digger Heather Mills who struck it rich with Paul McCartney. Seriously, though, it is to be expected when there is unfinnished business to attend to.

Yesterday on the 3As forum somone posted a link to a BBC News Leicester article from 4 May 2007, which was interesting in itself to see how the case was first reported before all the McCann spin took a grip. And, the question was asked whether the PJ were negligent. It might be remembered that the McCanns were quick to criticise them for not doing enough. That is, they were reluctant to go off in search of the so-called abductor. But, the available evidence pointed towards the involvment of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter.

As one 3As poster has observed, there are two victims in this case. And, it is not the McCanns themselves. Rather, it is Madeleine, and the freedom of the press.