McCannspin money laundering

It is generally the case money laundering involves turning dirty money into clean money.

However, the McCannspin laundry takes clean money and turns it into dirty money via the Madeleine’s Fund.

This dirty money is then paid to Isabel Duarte to seek an injunction to gag Mr Amaral. The writ is paid for in dirty money.

Is justice blind in Portugal?


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7 Responses to “McCannspin money laundering”

  1. IRONSIDE Says:

    The Fund is based on FACT of an abduction. The abduction is only ALLEGED by the parents.

  2. John Hirst Says:

    It isn’t standing up to scrutiny. I note that the Directors scrutinise themselves and appear to have several blindspots that fail to see what I can see perfectly clearly.

  3. Mercedes Says:

    Morning all:

    Maybe somebody should ask Justice Hogg if she really thinks she is defending properly Madeleine’s interests.

    She is the responsably now. So, why doesn’t she name somebody to control the Fund. Is she controlling “the search? Does she know something about what the McCanns are doing? I suppose not… But she sould.

  4. IRONSIDE Says:

    One thing I can tell you John..The 80.000 that Esther Mcvey granted for a camapign here in Spain never happened.

  5. IRONSIDE Says:

    One more small point that no one seems to mention.

    Due to pressure from FOIs…Leicester Police were forced to release figures for the Investigation…548.477…2007-08

    Home Office Grant….525.069

    So, let me get this clear ,we are not only paying into the fund but being taxed for doing so.

  6. IRONSIDE Says:

    I see that now Leicestershire Police have joined twitter they are keeping a close eye on one or two of us. Reporting back to base at Rothley Manor like good little boys.

  7. IRONSIDE Says:

    Is this to explain away the 300.000 that the Mccanns have skimmed?

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