McCanns: I demand my pound of flesh

As explained to Laffin Assasin here I decided upon this nominal sum rather than my original intention of only donating a penny because I am aware of examples whereby £1 has been accepted for this purpose. For example: Russian oligarch buys British newspaper for nominal sum.

Just another example of a McCann inconsistency

I could not help but notice this further example of a McCann inconsistency. It is advertised as a “Don’t Give Up On Me T-Shirt” but then goes onto say: The front has the text “Dont You Forget About Me” and the rear has the web site addresses. Madeleines picture is shown on the front and the back. Apart from the first and last words being the same, the three words in the middle are obviously different.

I would not have raised this little issue, but it reminds me of everything about the McCanns saying one thing when something else is the case in fact.


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10 Responses to “McCanns: I demand my pound of flesh”

  1. chris Says:

    i see the ball is starting to roll,good on you john

  2. llaaeell Says:


    Decision to file the case Madeleine:
    (signed by two Prosecutors)

    “It was not achieved any evidence that allows an average man,
    according to the criteria of logic, and the normality and rules of experience,
    make any conclusion lucid, sensible, serious and honest
    about the circumstances which saw the removal of the child
    the apartment, nor spell, even,
    a prediction consistent ”

    The low content of evidence allegedly exists in
    process is inconsistent in any

    Nor was evidence that Maddie was in the apartment …
    There are no certainties, only CONVICTIONS
    according to the culture of every thinking:

    CONVICTION atheist that is buried in the Church

    CONVICTION child that fell from the window and died

    CONVICTION clinic that she was drugged and died

    CONVICTION dog that was dead and buried

    CONVICTION statistics where Maddie was abducted

    CONVICTION legal that the withdrawal of the site of the Vatican
    is a matter of international law

    CONVICTION legal ignorant that abandoned children …

    CONVICTION “trauliteira” that there was abuse because the child cried

    CONVICTION pseudo-scientific evidence that the DNA is of Maddie

    CONVICTION stupid that the dog barked saying that the smell was of Maddie

    CONVICTION judicial who never tells the truth

    CONVICTION religious belief (primary) is dead, peace to your soul …

    CONVICTION religious belief (with theism) pray in the hope of being alive …

    CONVICTION civilized
    reflecting a deep respect for
    constitutional principle of presumption of innocence
    and the principle of “in dubio pro reo,”


  3. llaaeell Says:

    Gonçalo de Sousa Amaral

    GONÇALO AMARAL wandered the various engineering, but ended the night his degree in LAW.

    Gonçalo Amaral was employed in the Judiciary Police.

    Gonçalo Amaral coordinated the cases and JOANA and MADDIE
    both (finally?) missing.

    Crime of torture of Leonor, the mother of JOANA,
    Gonçalo Amaral was sentenced to prison, in which
    sentence reads: “particularly serious in people who have aim to combat the crime”

    Anticipated retirement to avoid
    disciplinary punishment. However, disciplinary procedure hangs , despite being retired .

    Also on the wrong track, Gonçalo Amaral, this
    No. 153849185 taxpayer to escape his IRS
    of the high yields of books and the like
    activities, created a Gonçalo Amaral-Unipessoal,
    Ltd., No. 508737729 contributor with one share and its sole object of criminal legal advice –
    that it causes a statutes null involving him in responsible unlimited ! Still, also results in fiscal transparency, so
    profits will be taxed will not in IRC but yes in
    IRS on pertaining to the value of reform, to say
    not to mention the possible confusion that must have
    in the settlement of VAT!

    Gonçalo Amaral was “incompetent”, or in the case
    JOANA or where Madeleine (Maddie).
    = The Handling of the Spirits – Dr. Barra da Costa
    (blog Dr. Marcos Aragão Correia)
    vd. “Maddie, Jane and Criminal Investigation” —
    Dr. Barra da Costa, Publisher Books d ‘Today .–

    Thus, Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the case Maddie

    About this Gonçalo Amaral, the Foreign Press circulated the most shameful adjectives that in
    all attended the Judicial Police.

    Gonçalo Amaral also reeks of frustration, shame and revenge along with an illegal / dishonest
    enrichment ( “non omne quod licet honesturn est)

    How much as the Portuguese would pay (your income tax …) in
    compensation to the McCanns, if the crazy “thesis” of
    Gonçalo Amaral was on?
    These “thesis” has no legal support. Children and ridiculous
    and a shameful but understandable (!) immoderate desire for wealth! … Need, as
    thanks …

    Hanging procedures against Gonçalo Amaral by crime of
    breach of secrecy of justice and falsification of documents

    Gonçalo Amaral was known to have problems
    financial severe and family in the second marriage.

    Only an idiot could imagine that a Prime Minister (Portuguese or English) to give an undertaking
    public with an alleged criminal! … Neither
    is nothing objectionable friendship Gordon Brown and
    the McCanns.

    The book “True Lies” (AVM) is defamatory.
    Your right to free expression ends where
    begins my right to good name and reputation
    the image and the privacy private and family
    (Article 26 and 37, both the Constitution of the Republic
    Portuguese and Article 10 of the ECHR, also, the Jurisprudence of the STJ is the effect that the disclosure
    a fact, even if true, can be considered to be defamatory).

    AVM book contains facts of the case Maddie already
    is not in secrecy. However, the book AVM ,
    which was published and sold or offered to the public ,
    can not contain those facts which may be con –
    sidered defamatory, aggravated by reason of not
    are officially tested by the com –
    petents authorities .
    For example, even in a case where it has been proven
    that A stole B, B can not come into the public
    the scream that is a thief or publish such fact in
    lampoons kiosk.

    In stupid obsession to prove that the book AVM
    had the facts of the case, it envisioned that opened
    proof for the crime of breach of confidentiality of justice
    without prejudice to the crime of defamation .

    The prosecution McCanns against the Gonçalo
    Amaral, are correct and are supported constitutional
    tional and legal laws .

    The closing of the case Maddie was done with a
    Order signed by two magistrates, which reads:
    “It was not achieved any evidence that
    allows an average man, according to the criteria of
    logic, normality and rules of experience,
    make any conclusion lucid, sensible, serious and
    honest about the circumstances in which there was a
    removing the child from the apartment, nor spell,
    even, a prediction consistent.

    Gonçalo Amaral is not an ‘average’ man, logical and
    normal, and it is experience lucid, sensible, serious and

    “Errare humanum est”. Dogs? not?
    Assuming the dogs do not err, however,
    (to the second owner of the dogs …) the smell of the dogs is not an evidence (blood, smell the man dead?
    or the woman dead? ). It seems that the dog did not say it was
    Maddie! (Castigat ridendo mores “).

    The endless wishing to enter the apartment
    Ocean Club, become sterile or innocuous discussions
    the window open / close … especially in an apartment
    ment initial and admittedly contaminated.

    Forgive yourself (in casu “) the” black humor ”
    that there have been one enlightened was discovered
    hidden the body in the key of the Church …
    The hypocrisy is the limit
    suggested that the parents abused by Maddie
    have heard Maddie crying when the videos,
    either in England or in Praia da Luz, reveal a
    normal relationship between parents and child.

    Partial DNA is irrelevant in terms of criminal
    in the case of in vitro fertilization, science
    Gonçalo Amaral shows ignore.

    The argument of the English habit of “doping”
    to sleep, do not have here a logical framework

    There is nothing objectionable to do everything a father (right
    or wrong) to find a daughter, in particular
    notify Sky News shortly before the call the Ocean Club to inept GNR who warned that P.J.
    that appeared 4 hours after the disappearance : Gonçalo
    Amaral who like nothing found, apologized to
    an apartment with a view of the research was all
    contaminated. However, did not hesitate to pos –
    terior imagine a successful fiction media.

    Removal of the site Maddie on TV of the Vatican only has basis in law Interna –
    tional (non-interference in internal affairs of the Portuguese).

    For those who know the legal environment, it is known
    should not be conclusive contradictions find
    in the different actors, without exception,
    in particular Gonçalo Amaral …

    For malicious and less-informed
    no have crime of abandonment p. and p. Article
    138 of the Penal Code. Madeleine has not been aban –
    doned in any garden. Was kept in
    privately owned and closely monitored. For
    reputed Merck Manual, abandonment means the lack of
    food, clothing and care. For the Court
    At Oporto, “abandoned” at home and the street, with father in prison and mother a street vendor, not
    is abandoned or no reason for depriving them

    Gonçalo Amaral and his faithful friend Moita Flores, permanently
    violated the secrecy of justice and defaming
    the McCanns, said with no evidence, that
    Maddie is dead and the McCanns was committed the crime of a hiding corpse and it provoked a very negative perception of the case thought of Portuguese people and abroad , already
    called “The Manipulation of the Spirits” .

    An innocent question to Gonçalo Amaral:
    Proved that Maddie was in the apartment?
    If YES, nothing has proven useful and concrete. Never.
    If NO, with the Respect(?) , “the goal mouth in the
    Trombone “and walk to deceive” parole “.

    In the century of globalization, the case Maddie came
    the secular rise complex and stupid allergy
    English (in recent political intrigues, now also found in relation to the Spanish …).

    In the most probable abduction (only in 2009,
    children disappeared in 1100-DN-Filipa Ambrose of
    Sousa) have meditated cruelty that was made to McCanns by the “fuzzy” and vindictive Gonçalo Amaral?

    And if you?

    What do you think about this Gonçalo Amaral?

    After all, WHO is Gonçalo Amaral?
    (a question multi-disciplinary)

    With positive thinks


  4. chris Says:

    hi llaaeell,sorry but i havent understood what you are trying to say.and i think you will find madeleine is dead as i beleive eddie and keela to be very good at what they are trained for.justice for madeleine

  5. llaaeell Says:

    HI , CRIS :
    Nothing is proven, so the case was filed.
    The Maddie was abducted because it is the most likely …
    Dead or Alive? Only “unknown” know the answer …
    All successful fiction media to Gonçalo Amaral
    (now is near to € 5.000.000,00) relies on the bark of
    two dogs! (and worse, after a lot of time on the date of disappearance, which is more doubt its effectiveness).
    The owner of the dogs, Martin Grime, said on Portuguese TV and even in case Maddie (vol. IX)
    dogs prove nothing. Just give clues right or wrong, so it must be scientifically
    proven, which did not happen because
    was not possible.
    “Errare humanum est”. Dogs? NO!
    Even today there are people who believe
    the dogs barked, saying the smell was dead woman and not dead man and so that Maddie was dead, and still there is no doubt, barked the name
    full of Maddie, your day of birth and the
    identification number!
    (Castigat ridendo mores “)

  6. chris Says:

    hold on there i dont think its on the bark of 2 dogs,if you have read up on the dogs you will see they are 100%,as for madeleine i believe she is dead i have read the files and statements of all the tapas lot and im afraid they have lied through out ,there are some good sites out there who are doing a brilliant job of bringing all of there lie,s out for all to see it(this site for instance) might be worth your while and having a look around.there was proof there was no abduction because there is only the mccanns and the tapas lot who said there was and if you believe them then im afraid you will beleive anything.

  7. llaaeell Says:

    “I refuse your demand of fresh”
    Sorry , you “insulted” 2 Prosecutors have signed decision to file the case Maddie , where they say (“it was…) – see above .
    I have read the files … Nothing is proven (see above) . The only truth :
    “All successfull and shame fiction media” to unlawfully enrich Gonçalo
    Amaral , now is near to 5.000.000,00 – you enjoy it ?

    You can put it “insulting” that Maddie is dead but you can not prove as
    I can not prove that she is alive .
    Intellectually honest ?
    BE SURE , I believe (“in casu”) only in a civilized conviction
    reflecting a deep respect for constitutional principle of presumption of
    innocence and the principle of “in dubio pro reo”
    and so , up until now , that the McCanns are innocent .
    and that the prognosis is statiscally more likely that is already a normal
    and usual abduction .

  8. chris Says:

    hi llaaeell did you follow the twitter from sky news,this is why i think the pj know that there wa no abduction.this is a piece from the gardian newspaper.

    Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida told the court on Tuesday he believed the McCanns invented a kidnapping to cover up the death of their daughter. Yesterday former detective Francisco Moita Flores also dismissed the couple’s claim that Madeleine was abducted, saying the McCanns’ challenge to claims Madeleine was dead was “pathetic”.—

    now i would think the pj know a bit more about the case than you and me,and i know WHO i beleive and it aint the mccanns

  9. llaaeell Says:

    Moita Flores and his diabolical “free speech”

    Gonçalo Amaral and his very loyal friend Moita Flores, committed the crime of violation of the secrecy of justice! And so, the media
    Moita Flores, also Autarca as Mayor of Santarém by SIC TV defamed the McCanns (morning, afternoon and evening – some commentators to ques –
    thione if the House had been transferred to SIC TV …).
    Well it can be said that it Moita Flores was also elected and together with their enrichment at the expense of this misfortune …
    Without a modicum of shame, giving could not resist, with the Maddie case already filed, Moita Flores had the nerve
    to deny those defamatory acts when he was confronted by
    Dr. Rogério Alves a program of SIC TV. Dishonest?
    In understandable compensation, Moita Flores is now on “crutches” defend “the joke” of his friend Gonçalo Amaral.
    In their enlightened intelligence, on the one hand, says that
    Maddie is dead, but , says this does not affect their demand as live! Furthermore, according to his cunning as envy said
    the seizure of the book AVM is an “attack on freedom of ex –
    pressure “and an” attack on constitutional rights. ” Worse, ignorant …
    Unfortunately he does not know
    our Laws! It’s Portugal that we deserve?
    Both say that Maddie is dead and that the crime was committed
    of a hiding corpse! But the intellectual dishonesty
    these gentlemen did not explain the contradiction of no
    “MURDER” And thus do not affect the good name of the McCanns?
    And it provoked a very negative perception of the case
    thought of Portuguese people and abroad? The already called
    “The Handling of the Spirits”.
    Your right to free expression ends where starts
    my right to good name and reputation, image and
    the privacy of private and family life (Articles 26 and 37,
    both of the Portuguese Constitution and Article 10
    ECHR, also, the reports of the STJ is towards
    that disclosure of a fact, even if true, may
    be considered defamatory.
    The AVM book contains a few facts of the case Maddie
    that in fact no longer in secrecy. But it does not mention this facts : Order of filing, signed by two
    Prosecutors: “It was achieved, which no
    evidence that allows an average man in the light
    the criteria of logic, and the normal and rules of experience, to formulate any conclusion lucid, sensible,
    serious and honest about the circumstances which saw the withdrawal of children from the apartment, nor spell, even a prediction consistent.
    However, the book AVM can not contain those facts
    might be considered defamatory, aggravated by reason of not proved by the authority.
    For example, a process which proved that A stole B
    B can not come into the public cry that A is a thief or
    publish such fact in any rag kiosk.
    The prosecution McCanns against Gonçalo
    Amaral, are correct and are supported by constitutional and legal laws .

  10. llaaeell Says:

    Hi, CHRIS
    See above.
    Agree that GA (with disciplinary problems,
    crimes counterfeiting , rape, torture,
    illicit enrichment for those who had many creditors. etc …)
    and his faithful friend MF deserve some credit?
    Tell me with whom you walk, tell thee who you are!
    Nothing is proven. Just survive hypothetical statistical
    more likely to have been abducted. It’s just a belief civilized.
    You do not have this belief!
    If you have objective evidence, legally relevant tell me which?
    (do not tell me about reviews of criminals)

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