14 Responses to “Bringing the McCanns to account”

  1. kathy Says:

    Wow! Wonderful!
    These financial revelations will break their back!
    On paper, the world can now see many, many people living off any money donated.
    We’re on our way to a court case!
    thank you!

  2. John Hirst Says:

    Kathy: I too feel that the reign of the McCanns is coming to an end. And, I am doing my bit to bring them down.

  3. kathy Says:

    You sure are ending their reign and will bring them down.
    Maxim: always follow the money!

  4. IRONSIDE Says:

    Hi john I was just reading Joanas forum and copied a comment from there.


    There is a further cost noted on the accounts of some £19K odd which is said to be valuing the asset at the time of its purchase rather than what it is worth now.


    That would be the 4×4 we have seen in the drive I presume.

  5. IRONSIDE Says:


    We need a lot more signatures please folks.

  6. John Hirst Says:

    Ironside: I see that the Daily Mirror is claiming an exclusive on this story posted 1.2.10, whereas I posted mine on 31.1.10, what exclusive!

    Madeleine McCann donations dramatically fell in just one year

    Tom Pettifor probably read mine first and decided to pinch it for the MSM!

  7. IRONSIDE Says:

    I think we know by now John that these so called ‘Reporters ‘get their info from the Bloggers. I have seen other times where something has been posted only to turn up a day or two later in the Press. Perfect example Cindy and Alan Thompson who were supposed to have known Hewlett. Someone did a check and found that if they exist (which I doubt) found the cave of Bin Laden…When this became a joke on the net…we suddenly had another witness to Hewlett being in PDL…A chap named Vernon.

  8. kathy Says:

    The long list of people involved in Foundation reeks of premediation.
    For brother John to have quit his job within weeks shows the death and living off donations was planned way ahead of time!

  9. IRONSIDE Says:

    Hi Kathy I have spoken to people who say it is imposssible to have a company up and running as quickly as this. Impossible.

  10. chris Says:

    you are doing stirling work here john,but do you think you can nail them

  11. John Hirst Says:

    Chris: I should think so.

  12. IRONSIDE Says:

    Sara Payne
    St George’s Hospital (Tooting)
    Blackshaw Road
    Greater London
    SW17 0QT

    Permission to leave this here John…Sara had a stroke over the weekend . i f anyone wishes to send her a card this is where she is.

  13. IRONSIDE Says:


    John may I also leave this…Please everyone read the comments and look who has been informed about what is happening. Just spread the word.

    Thank you John.

    ¡Paedophile Swingers’ seems to be the new word.

  14. It’s the public’s business to scrutinise the McCann business « Justice For Madeleine Says:

    […] misleading reporting in the media such as this from the recent McCanns fund raising event “The £90,000 raised will be split between the Maddie Fund and two other missing people’s charities“. It implies that the Madeleine Fund is a charity. I have yet to see any demand made by the […]

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