McCanns false accounts in relation to Madeleine

McCanns false accounts in relation to Madeleine

According to John McCann, Chairman of Madeleine’s Fund: Leave no stone unturned Ltd, “On 3rd May 2007, Madeleine McCann was abducted in Praia da Luz, Portugal”. Clearly, this is a false statement. It lacks supportive evidence to make it a fact. Therefore, why is a false account being included in a statement of accounts?

For the record, John McCann, I believe it is Gerry and Kate McCann who are amoral. If you must refer to Mr Amaral, the least you can do is spell his name correctly!

See the madeleinefundaccountsmarch2009 here.

It is not just a matter of ensuring that funds are accounted for. The McCanns need to be held to account in relation to other matters as well.

On the very first page of this blog, we asserted that the McCanns had lied about the case from beginning to end. Perhaps readers thought, oh this is blogland, people make all sorts of claims.

No. We repeat, and it is a matter of record, that Kate & Gerry McCann lied from beginning to end of the investigation into their daughter’s disappearance, a claim that will stand up in the libel courts because it is undeniably true“.


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3 Responses to “McCanns false accounts in relation to Madeleine”

  1. Beattie Says:

    It is more than obvious the lack of transparency promised
    by John McCann has led to complete disregard for the
    people who donated to the Fund and the Directors unable
    to stop Gerry McCann treating the Fund as his personal

    Who is going to challenge the Accounts though?

  2. John Hirst Says:

    “Who is going to challenge the Accounts though?”

    I am. See my latest posts.

  3. Beattie Says:


    I think the Fund will be wound up before you process your
    challenge, especially if Amaral wins the injunction hearing.,
    this will be a lengthy process I should imagine, how will
    you go about it?

    I can”t understand why a major donor to the Fund did not
    challenge the 2008 Accounts when it was reported that only
    13.3% of the money spent was actually searching for

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