What child abduction? (Revisited)

What child abduction

What child abduction?

This is a favourite subject of mine. As a young child, I had problems, but still a bright child who was always asking “Why?” It was frustrating when an adult responded with “Because”. It was not an answer, but a non-answer. Evasive. That is why I like the photo above so much. When Gerry McCann is asked the question, he responds with “Because”. There is so much evasiveness with the McCanns.

The position offered by the McCanns, initially, was break-in + disappearance = abductor. Eventually, Clarence Mitchell confessed that there was no evidence of a break-in. Clarrie’s retreat is very significant, it is as big as removing one of the elements of Earth, Wind and Fire. Suddenly, he was then claiming disappearance = abduction. But, all those references in the media remain where family and friends put out the McCanns propaganda of the fake break-in.

Why did the McCanns fake a break-in?

Almost as important, why have their friends and family still stuck by them when they have been used so badly, let down, and very seriously lied to? Why have they not been speaking to the media about questioning the McCanns why they were lied to? They were quite happy to gob off before when spinning the McCanns web of deceit.


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One Response to “What child abduction? (Revisited)”

  1. George Smith Says:

    My blood pressure rises whenever I hear the self-serving Kate and Gerry McCann speak about their eldest child Madeleine. There is no doubt the child’s loss results directly from the actions or inactions of those she should have been able to trust, her parents.

    The parents, at best neglected all three of their children allowing them to socialise rather than meeting their obligations as parents.

    If these people were not an erudite, professional couple they would have been brought to justice and their remaining children would have been protected from these evil people by being removed from their care.

    However, I agree with Kate and Gerry McCann that the authorities should look again at this case. I trust this will result in proper justice for Madeleine, protection for her younger siblings and prosecution of her parents.

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