McCanns involved in Madeleine Fund fraud

I don’t know whether these two ex-cops were corrupt as serving police officers. However, their current private investigation is certainly corrupt in the eyes of the law. According to the quote above they have been hired to investigate missed leads. How can so-called experienced former detectives miss the lead in relation to the fake break-in, the cover story, put out by the McCanns? Either they are so incompetent or crooked. If their remit excludes investigation of the McCanns themselves, then it is not a proper investigation at all but instead a smokescreen. This being the case, then the McCanns are fraudulently taking money from the Madeleine Fund not to investigate missing leads but instead to lay a false trail away from their door“.

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One Response to “McCanns involved in Madeleine Fund fraud”

  1. IRONSIDE Says:

    This has been going on for more than two years John and to be honest I am none the wiser what exactly is the game the Mccanns are playing. Do not forget to look out for your “Travel Pack” coming soon to the Maddie shop.

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