The McCann affair is a scandal

Brian Carthcart in the New Statesman argues that it is a scandal the treatment that the British press gave to the McCanns and the Tapas 7.

The author calls for a public inquiry and adds:

“And an inquiry might not only look at the conduct of reporters and newspapers, but could also assess the arguments about the conduct of the McCanns, who have been accused of manipulating public opinion through adept use of public relations”.

In my view, how the McCanns have conducted themselves is a scandal. And, I would welcome a public inquiry if only to hear the McCanns answers to the questions they have been evading fron Day One.


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10 Responses to “The McCann affair is a scandal”

  1. Jean Baker Says:

    Not according to Chris Freind and all other highly respected US journalists !!

  2. Jean Baker Says:

    Perhaps you should take issue with the Home Office, but don’t expect an honest answer.

  3. Jean Baker Says:

    Why has your JusticeforMadeleine forum been wiped ?

  4. John Hirst Says:

    “Why has your JusticeforMadeleine forum been wiped ?”

    Because I received too many complaints about abusive posting attacking other posters. The forum still exists, but anyone breaking the rules will now be automatically banned. It is not a free for all.

  5. Jean Baker Says:

    Surely, forum debate is a ‘free for all’; this is why I found 3 A’s ban on your views totally inexplicable. My longstanding support for police findings in Madeleine’s case is, I know, not welcome.

  6. Jean Baker Says:

    Has 3 A’s stopped you accessing it’s site/reading posts ?

  7. Jean Baker Says:

    Did 3A’s prevent you from accessing/reading their site ?

  8. Twopintslager Says:

    John – you have not updated this blog since october – have you given up your campaign?

  9. John Hirst Says:

    No, I have not given up. It is just that nothing new was happening in the case and I could not be bothered to keep rehashing old stories like some in the media.

  10. Twopintslager Says:

    Thanks John – still reading your other blog anyways:-)

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