McCanns: Reasonable suspicion?

The police are called to report that a 3 year old girl is missing from an apartment. Besides a girl missing, what else is missing? The answer is, an explanation for her disappearance. The parents offer an explanation, rather conveniently, they state an abductor must have taken Madeleine away. Initially, they claim that the apartment was locked. And, that the abductor effected a break-in. Upon further investigation it is discovered that the apartment was left unlocked by the parents, and that no break-in occurred.

The parents were the last people to see Madeleine.

“The CATCHEM database used by police on investigations into child disappearances indicates that 80% of missing children have been killed either by parents or close relatives and that the snatching of children by roving paedophiles is actually quite rare”.

Obviously, each individual case has to be judged on its individual merits.

If we look at this objectively, to date we have 3 unsatisfactory explanations offered by the McCanns.

1. “We thought it was safe”.
2. “The apartment was locked”.
3. “There was a break-in”.

That’s 3 reasonable grounds for suspicion.



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5 Responses to “McCanns: Reasonable suspicion?”

  1. Jean Baker Says:

    92% of caregivers are proved responsible for child homicides in Madeleine’s age group.

  2. banana Says:

    Any idea where the 3arguidos forum has gone? My browser says it does not exist anymore and Google doesn’t seem to have a cache of it either.

    Is this temporary or just from my computer or what? Do you know?

  3. John Hirst Says:

    banana: I have no idea.

  4. faithless Says:

    I think Jean Baker intended to write “In 92% of homicides of children in Madeleine’s age group, the caregivers are eventually determined to be the killers.”

    In any case, whatever anybody’s theories are, it is not yet determined whether Madeleine has been killed. So the correct statistics to look at would be those of unexplained disappearance of 4 year old girls.

  5. Inkalilly Says:

    I truly believe in life if you want answers you need to ask the right questions!! In any enquiry if faced with some evidence, and the suspect tells you oh the reason is this or that…. you will check out this alibi. So Im just wondering on the evidence of cadaver odor found on Kates clothes and cuddlecat.. if I remeber correctly her answer to this was she dealt with cadavers just before holiday in same clothes. Ok all good, BUT did anyone check this out? I mean if its true well then one need to get to the following question and check that answer out. If she was indeed in contact as she said, then ok but if not??? Im sure this point can easily be either confirmed or denied by her Senior where she worked?

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