Madeleine is dead: It’s official

Friends of Madeleine McCann’s parents who were with the couple on the night she died are to receive £375,000 in libel damages, it has been reported.

Sky News said the money will be paid out to the so-called “Tapas Seven” by Express Newspapers.

The group were holidaying with Kate and Gerry McCann when three-year-old Madeleine disappeared in May last year.

Hat-Tip to the McCannfiles.



One Response to “Madeleine is dead: It’s official”

  1. Jean Baker Says:

    DX has alleged a lot since April in the media ‘soap opera’ and has lost it’s credibility in the process. It’s proclamation of ‘no evidence’ was proved untrue by Mr Amaral’s evidenced based testimony …. DX has printed no correction since.

    In Madeleine’s case DX continues to act as prejudiced Judge & Jury in a case involved PM’s evidenced based conclusions of “abandonment, endangerment, homicide and cadaver disposal”. The media, not a Court or Jury has ‘pardoned’ those PJ was debarred from interviewing in a serious criminal investigation.

    Madeleine’s tragedy gave the electorate a crystal clear insight into the corrupt mindset and machinations of Nu Labour.

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