McCanns taped admission unlawfully obtained

In my view, Gonçalo Amaral knows more than he is letting on about what happened to Madeleine on the night of 3 May 2007. This is based upon his telling a British TV journalist that he had heard Clarence Mitchell tipping off the McCanns that they were the subject of electronic surveillance. Given that there was no lawful authority for the PJ to use electronic surveillance upon the McCanns and the remaining members of the Tapas bar 9, the PJ were unable to use the evidence on the tapes because it would be inadmissible in court.


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2 Responses to “McCanns taped admission unlawfully obtained”

  1. speak your mind Says:

    They are slippery fuckers, cant escape good old karma for long,I think its karma in action now as the bloggers seek out the facts attempted to be hidden from us…The lord works in mysterious wys and all that…

  2. IRONSIDE Says:

    Amaral has also hinted something about the blanket…always a mystery why Tanner said she saw the abductor with it and then did a complete change around…Kate slipped up with a comment about the pink blanket Amaral knows and kate knows he knows…at the moment we are in the dark….Blanket coverage maybe?

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