Bitch fight

Read all about why Kate McCann is a disgrace here.


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6 Responses to “Bitch fight”

  1. KC Says:

    Bitch fight ?
    Love that…
    When ? Where ?….. keep us posted !

  2. Jean Baker Says:

    KC – you sound bloodthirsty !

    John, talking of ‘fights’ police friends are in your neck of the woods shortly and may stick their heads round your door to check you’re okay. They’re pretty appalled by your sufferance of late.

  3. Projektion Says:

    Armes kleines Würstchen!

    Der Zuspruch wird weniger, nicht ? Widerliche Ausdrucksweise!
    Und so zeigen die “guten” Leute ihr wahres Gesicht! Shame on You!

    Alle Masken reissen langsam ein! Madeleine als Vorwand für eigene
    Blutrünstigkeit verwenden! Ekelhaft! F*** you!

  4. KC Says:

    pity you can’t express yourself in English…..
    maybe better to find some German-blog to write your reply’s….
    I’m sure they will appreciate them….
    WE DON’T !!

  5. jo Says:

    Surely you have many interesting things to say!
    Would you mind to write in english to our obvious benefit and enlightenment?

  6. jo Says:

    Anyhow…Sofia Amaral has got a pair of ovaries and well put!
    Spot on,Sofia!

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