J’accuse I accuse the McCanns

Were the Portuguese police right to “believe that Kate McCann killed Madeleine while putting her to bed at their holiday apartment in Praia da Luz between 7pm and 8.30pm on May 3” 2007?

Clarence Mitchell claimed that the allegation is nonsensical. The McCann camp lied to the public and the media when “A source close to the McCanns said: “… Kate was not in the apartment alone with Maddie”…”.

Even in this untruthful account given by Kate McCann she states she was alone in the apartment whilst Gerry McCann went out to play tennis: “Kate said that she and Gerry went back to apartment, with the children, around 5:40 pm and gave them bath, together (statement to PJ, September 6, 2007). They thought about taking the children to the playground area, after bath, but decided not to do it, that day, because the children were really very tired. Just before 6:00 pm, Gerry left the apartment and went to the tennis court“.

Kate McCann lied to cover up the fact that she was alone with the three children in the apartment and when the children were being bathed: “According to his statement, on September 7, 2007Gerry was playing tennis. At around 6:30 pm, David Payne came from Paraíso bar, and asked him if he was going to keep playing. Gerry said he didn’t know, because Kate could need some help to take care of the three children, as they intended to take them to the playground, after the bath“.

I did float the theory on my Jailhouselawyer’s blog that perhaps Madeleine drowned? In any event, I would strongly suggest that Madeleine died around bath time. Why did the McCanns go to so much trouble to try and convince the public and the media that the adults bathed the children together? The McCanns got the basics of their story together, however, it started to fall apart with the glaring inconsistencies. Not only did the PJ detect the inconsistencies, bloggers, forumers and those in chatrooms also ripped the McCanns story apart.

The hastily arranged get together in the Tapas bar was solely for the purpose of discussing what Gerry McCann stated was a disaster to their life-style. The agenda being a cover up. Their careers and reputations were at stake, Madeleine was dead and none of their medical expertise could alter that fact, so they embarked upon a salvage operation to save what was left. It was decided that the Vanishing Act would be blamed on an abductor who broke into the apartment, and the McCanns would use the media to further their aims. When their version of events raises the eyebrows of the PJ because what they are hearing does not correlate with the scene as set up by the McCanns, Jane Tanner suddenly becomes a witness to seeing the abductor. However, this hastily arranged shoring up the version of events had flaws. Neither Jeremy Wilkins nor Gerry McCann state they saw Jane Tanner at the same time and place she claimed to be when seeing the abductor. Jeremy Wilkins had inadvertantly stumbled upon Gerry McCann tampering with the shutters to make it look like a break in had occured, or as he later claimed a break out by the abductor as he went out of the window. Both Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins would not only have seen the abductor, they would have also heard him.

Bath time, Jane Tanner’s sighting and Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins meeting are 3 key weaknesses in the McCanns version of events.

Clarence Mitchell states: “We just hope that everyone can see these ridiculous rumours for what they are. It is very hard on the couple because they are not allowed to talk about the investigation and cannot defend themselves”.

There is nothing stopping the McCanns from speaking out now to defend themselves.

J’accuse I accuse the McCanns.


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4 Responses to “J’accuse I accuse the McCanns”

  1. speak your mind Says:

    well said…As you point out they are free to answer now, the secrecy clause they so readily his by to not answer or discuss certain matters is no more….the silence is deafening!

  2. Jean Baker Says:


    How long would it take to deal with the emotional trauma of a fatal accident; how long would it take to then calmly consider the options, plan a syndicated abduction with a group of others, attempt to clean away forensic evidence, etc. etc. ? 3 May was the date set to act out a a rehearsed ‘charade’. No independent witness saw Madeleine after Mrs Fenn heard her crying on 1 May, followed by a ‘rumpus’ on her parents return. Parents had undoubtedly been drinking; was Madeleine inadvertently struck due to temper loss ?

    Shortly after 3 May – date parents reported her missing – police being the last on the list of calls (carefully planned), the McCanns appeared live on TV. Footage and photos on 3 A’s – Kate had a cut above her right eye, bruising beneath, grip mark bruising to both upper arms (Gerry tried to hide with one hand) and bruising to her wrists. Unusual combination – a missing daughter and physically injured wife.

    The group had an incredible amount to deal with from the time fatality occurred (police conclusions based on evidence). 3 May was the date THEY selected to implement their time consuming preparations.

    Kate has shown enormous self constraint throughout …. Gerry is quick to rage and stormed offset when one interviewer asked a question he didn’t like – do you sedate your children ? He’s the most volatile and least constrained. Police concerns regarding his lack of concern amid tensions is included in Mr Amaral’s book. The media, controlled by Mitchell, always placed the emphasis of Kate – this raised more sympathy and money. A father accidently killing his daughter is more abhorrent to the public than a mother ‘losing her rag’. Society sees the role of a father as the PROTECTOR of his offspring, especially girls.

  3. Jean Baker Says:

    The McCanns spokesman is very busy printing misleading, misinformation
    in the media and via websites and forums.

    Each and every police sourced fact in Madeleine’s case is ‘spun round’, distorted. I left 3 A’s shortly after it fell into ‘enemy hands’ in the middle of April, just as Mitchell threatened to ‘deal with forums next’. 3 A’s is monitored by trolls who ousted you; 3 A’s formerly welcomed and protected people like you. By the time I left, all the genuine commentators and researchers had left. Trolls then cloned their IDs, mine included, to manipulate facts. Copying another’s style is not easy and clones stood out a mile.

    I have friends in the police who kindly examined my computer after it was hacked. They also checked other sites of concern; 3 A’s was (illegally) ‘taken over’ by a media monitoring unit in April.

  4. Incredulous Says:

    Judge not or ye shall be judged and, rest assured, you will be judged.

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