Kate McCann killed Madeleine

Kate McCann killed Madeleine on the evening of 3 May 2007 whilst Gerry McCann was out of Apartment 5A playing tennis. She phoned Gerry McCann to inform him she needed him to come back to the apartment, however, she did not clarify her reason for needing his help. Rather than immediately return to the apartment to see what his wife wanted him for, instead Gerry McCann asked David Payne to look in on Kate McCann to check if she was alright. When David Payne arrived at Apartment 5A, for obvious reason Kate McCann would not let him in but informed him it was Gerry McCann whom she wanted. David Payne returned to the tennis court and informed Gerry McCann that Kate McCann did not want outside help from him but instead needed Gerry McCann to return to the apartment.

The McCanns had agreed that Kate would bath the children whilst Gerry went off to play tennis, and then they would take the children to the playground area. Whilst Gerry was still under the impression that the children to the playground area was part of the plan for the evening, this had to change because of the death of Madeleine and the McCanns made the excuse that the children were tired to explain the change of plan.

It was the start of the cover up.

UPDATE: In case this post disappears it has been reposted here and an explanation about a warning.


This post is not the first time I have made my accusations, see here.


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20 Responses to “Kate McCann killed Madeleine”

  1. Lesly Finn Says:

    An interesting explanation of events …. how do you know that this is what happened? Is this scenario based on anything more that intuition/good guessing?

    Have you access to the PJ files regarding the mobile phone messages? Or perhaps other reference material to back up your claim? (While I find what you have written plausible, I would hope that you have some firm evidence to support this?)

    It would also be interesting to add in the relevant timings … e.g. the times K picked up the three children and took them back to the apartment, and the time that DP was asked by G to go and see if K was all right. DP has stated that he SAW the children …. are you saying that he did not see Madeleine? Or are you saying that he did not see her alive?

  2. Daft Bint Says:

    Oops – libel in its most straight forward form. You have 2 days to remove this otherwise I will personally see to it this is forwarded to the McCanns.

    You are an idiot!

  3. speak your mind Says:

    daft bint add me to the list of people you forward to the mcscums, he has ot libelled they did kill her then dump her…i also think gerry a paedo and thats the cover up.

  4. maji6 Says:

    The Truth is that there is someone out there that knows exactly what happened to Madeleine. Sooner or later secrets shall be revealed, mysteries solved; its a question of time and patience. God is Truth

  5. ngomos Says:

    Wow, a good way to show your true ethics by basing your opinions on assumptions and lies. Because you were there right? Why don’t you arrest them as well, since you’ve already supposedly proved their guilty. Why don’t you get your facts right rather spreading lies, because you don’t know the true answer and causing more distress to couple that have gone through so much already.

  6. John Hirst Says:

    Lesly Finn: It is based mainly upon their police statements. You may recall that the PJ said that their application to tap the phones was refused. However, if the PJ did not monitor without authority how were they able to catch out Clarence Mitchell tipping off the McCanns to the phone monitoring? Because it was illegal, it just means that what they obtained could not be used in evidence. David Payne did not see Madeleine and it is doubtful he saw the twins because he was stood outside the apartment and Kate blocked his access. The timings will be included sometime later because of the discrepancies in the accounts.

    Daft Bint: You most certainly are. I believe that this blog is already monitored by the McCann camp. However, feel free to tell them about it if they really do not know. As for removing the post, I don’t do that unless I feel it is necessary because of factual inaccuracies. That is not the case here.

    ngomos: If you think you can knock it down go ahead instead of just waffling. BTW, I have removed the link to your blog because I do not encourage spam which is designed to increase traffic to your unread blog.

  7. Pilar Davies Says:

    I beieve this war against freedom of expresion is becoming a very serious one. My love to free journalism.

  8. hypernation Says:

    You say you ‘seek to question their version of events’ – would you consider doing this through rational research and evidence? Because whatever your screed above is, it is certainly not reached through the tried and tested method of ‘actually knowing something about something’

    You are a troll.

  9. John Hirst Says:

    hypernation: If you did your rational research, you would discover that I cannot be a troll on my own blog. You are obviously thinking of yourself and trying to project it upon me. It’s funny how I got the exclusive on Branson being a financial backer of the McCanns, and Clarence Mitchell tipping off the McCanns to electronic surveillance. Anything else?

  10. Projektion Says:

    JOHN HIRST – SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. TMH Says:

    As a community of bloggers claiming journalistic status, you need to inquiry about the role of ethics in your practices. You may believe what you wish, but publishing without substantive proof is a practice that will lead you to civil court. As the McCanns and Robert Murat have both successfully sued wealthy media corporations for printing unsubstantiated claims of their involvement and guilt in the disappearance of Madeleine, I doubt that individuals using a public forum such as a blog will be able to marshall the resources required to defend themselves against the McCann’s legal team. Once they have dealt with the wealthiest offenders, I believe they will eat their way down the food chain as their need to finance the Maddie fund perseveres. Indeed, no stone will be left unturned and bloggers bemoaning the loss of their journalistic freedom will have an impossible task to use freedom of speech as a defence when democracies have been founded on the principle that freedom is never limitless; instead, it is balanced with an expectation that the freedom is used responsibly. Kuddos to bloggers that explore the possibilities without making accusations. There is a human tragedy here! A child, not quite 4-years of age, is unaccounted for and every day that she is missing whether she be dead or alive is a day that breaks the hearts of millions of people. So, a question to the author of this blog, how is your heart doing in light of so many dark possibilities?

  12. Engy Bengy Says:

    John Hirst,

    I backed the mccanns 100% but now the more i read and think about it the more i am starting to think that you might be right, their stories don’t add up and being a parent myself and this happened to me i would be in bloody tears constantly i think they will have to lock me up in a nuthouse! The mccanns on the other hand don’t look too upset and more staged/acted. Gerry Mccann sucking on a lollipop in the pj police station while talking rugby and football with a english police officer, sorry but that kind of behaviour for a dad that just lost his daughter sounds a bit fishy to me. I am surprised that nothing is happening to them at all, a very interesting point most people make when talking about the mccanns is: If low income/parents on benefits did what the mccanns did to leave their children alone at night they’d be locked up and slated but NO not for the Mccanns they are rich and doctors and they are above the law! I like your comments and i agree people should be able to freely express their opinions!

    I was hoping Madeleine would still be alive and one day returned through some miracle but it just doesn’t look like that will happen but the truth will come out, one day!

  13. The growing army against the McCanns « Justice For Madeleine Says:

    […] was a shaky moment yesterday when an attempt to censor Kate McCann killed Madeleine was made by someone at wordpress. Obviously some supporter of child killing lodged a complaint and […]

  14. Jean Baker Says:


    Police reports confirm they placed Murat under phone surveillance and found nothing untoward. Ditto examination of his computer. They must have obtained consent to do so.

    An article in First Post stated intercepted e-mails and phone calls confirmed the McCanns were directly involved in Madeleine’s death and disappearance. It, therefore, seems likely that PJ put all suspects under surveillance, but Government intervention stopped findings being revealed, in or out of Court.

    Police sourced findings have been swiftly dealt with from day one. Police Reports show all forensic ‘leaks’ were factually based. There were press reports of further evidence sent to FSS in December regarding fibres found on a towel – Aztec design – in a barn – undiclosed location tied to mobile phone surveillance; fibres on the towel reportedly matched fibres in cadaver boot specimens. I kept the article – DE wiped it from their records.

  15. Michelle Says:

    I am uncetain as to the guilt or innocence of the McCanns. I mean none of us, having not been present at the time of this event, KNOW for sure what has happened.
    I have no problem with free speech and I celebrate everyone being able to discuss their theories and opinions openly.
    What I take issue with is when someone says….Kate Killed Madeleine! Because until that can be proven in a court of law, it is still just speculation….
    I think we do ourselves a huge disservice when we brand people as guilty , or not guilty, for that matter before all evidence has been reviewed, all possibilites exhausted, all witnesses interviewed, etc.
    We can all discuss our theories. I have one myself.
    And I tend to believe that the truth of what happened to Madeleine can be found within that circle of people at the Ocean Club. But that is just my opinion, my speculation, my guess if you will. I think that what I know supports my idea that a friend or family may be responsible….But none of us should be so irresponsible to say that we KNOW this or that!
    Now having said that….IF someone has specific reasons for saying what they do…if they are privy to information concerning FACTS that make them 100% certain—then by all means share your facts with us that support your theory of guilt. Make us beleivers! IF you are unable to provide these details then what you believe remains just that—what YOU believe……..
    ….not a FACT!

    just one ladies opnion….

  16. kurt Says:

    Michelle….nicely put.

  17. hermione Says:

    I agree that they killed her and there is paedophillia involved. The dogs are never wrong, they have never made a false alert. Madeleine died in 5A and the parents attacked the dogs findings. Any innocent parent would have been devastated by the dogs alerts. Bring on justice for Madeleine.
    I want them to face justice. They are sickeningly smug that they have got away with it.

  18. Faye Says:

    Whilst I have always held the belief that Kate had something to do with the disappearance of Madeleine I have never once thought it was anything other than an accidental death that has been covered to look like abduction.
    I certainly do not think it has anything to do with paedophillia and I think that the people who think this are the people we should be worried about

  19. Sceptic Says:

    I am interested to know any further evidence. I have never believed that the McCanns have told the entire truth. I think they have manipulated the media and several wealthy sponsors. Kate McCann has asked for the intervention of the Met – who are apparantly to become involved. It would be normal therefore for the Met to interrogate the parents first. I think Kate McCann’s book has been written to crystalise her version fo events for the twins – as she knows Madelaine will never be found and she wishes to move on – with her version for the twins to believe. Kate has not returned to work as far as I know. It has been 4 years – whilst upsetting – returning to work would have helped to normalise her life. I suspect she has stayed at home with the twins despite having previously been career driven – out of fear of Social Services – not of abduction.

    I am a professional person but have been a single parent all of my son’s life as his father left during my pregnancy. I have been hounded at times when my son has misbehaved at school or been ill and taken to the GP – as have many other singe mums. This is simply because of prejudice concerning our status. It is absolutely the case that the McCanns have recieved the utmost biased favourable treatment since at the very least they are guilty of neglect in leaving all three very young children alone. A devoted single mum wouldn’t even leave her child alone at night – since we get very tired when they are babies and many of us sleep in the same room as there is nonone else to deputise. As we know we would be jumped on by the authoriites (made clear by the health visitors) at the faintest excuse. We rarely go out for an evening and if we did we would use the most trusted of baby sitters. So – in comparison why did the McCanns think it was OK to leave their children alone with the apartment unlocked? Or was it left unlocked deliberately?

    Kate has mentioned several times that her relationship with Gerry is very strong and this was so before the babes come along. This seems normal until you listen to the interviews when she emphasises this point ( Woman’s Hour 2011) – it does not sound right in the context – it sounds as if she is saying the children are not that important – it has that under-current – as if Madelaine was just a passing phase. My child is the centre of my life and if I had been fortunate to have more – so would they have been. A man who stays would be central to that package and vital – but his place is different – not more important. Kate unconsciously hints that her relationship with Gerry is more important than the children – and I think that herein lies the key to unlocking what happened the day Madelaine disapeared.

    As for the forensics, possible taped calls and the barn. The dogs did not bark for no reason – indicating a body. If not Madelaine’s then whose? This is a potential murder enquiry so how can the taped calls be inadmissabe in court? Surely it is valid to use them? I sometimes have psycic flashes – I did in the Joanne Yeates case and my profile of the killer was spot on (I did inform the police the week before the culprit was arrested). The barn is significant – I saw an image of it in 2007 when I read that body fluids had been found in the hire car – i.e. an insight suggesting she was taken there. I cannot see more though. A potential scenario is that the children were sedated in the early evening to prevent them waking whilst the parents were out – because apparantly Madelaine had gone looking for them the previous night and / or had been crying loudly whilst they were out and had attracted the attention of a neighbour. It is this sedation that may have gone wrong – possiby Madelaine drank a sedative meant for the twins after already having her own -it’s difficult to control three young children simultaneously. This would have caused an over-dose and in a very young, small child this could have led to coma. Very serious in the case of doctors administering non prescribed medication to very young children – as doctors cannot prescribe medicine for their own kids – another doctor must do it. If Madelaine had ODd then how could the parents explain this at A&E – they would have immediately been rightly under suspicion? The problem woud have been compounded if all three children were tested and found to have been sedated as accidental overdose / sedation would have been ruled out. (Kate claims she thinks the abductor sedated all three – but how? If they didn’t know the person they would have cried out surely?) Even if Madelaine recovered the McCanns medical registrations could have been permanently revoked (struck off) – with all the attendant consequences of that on their lives – and the shame. It is possible also that if Madelaine ODd and died that Kate is so traumatised that she cannot remember what happened. We cannot know without more evidence. Unless an abductor or killer is found and he or she confesses how we ever know the truth now? I doubt much forensic evidence will be left on a body after 4 years. Sadly whether the McCann’s are telling the truth or covering up a mistake they made – I think little Madelaine is probaby dead.

  20. Peonies Says:


    […]Kate McCann killed Madeleine « Justice For Madeleine[…]…

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