Clarence Mitchell has a new job with PR company

From fraud to Freud…

Kate and Gerry McCann’s once ubiquitous spokesman – has accepted a job with a PR company. Regular readers may recall that it was first suggested here that Clarence Mitchell may have been looking for a new job. And I picked up the story here and here and here.

There were signs of a rift between the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell when the McCanns were in the media spotlight marking the one year since Madeleine went missing, and Mitchell was nowhere to be seen. He was also playing second fiddle during the McCanns Amber Alert floor show in Strasbourg Europe. The McCanns hoped to get public opinion on their side by paying a spin doctor to twist things in their favour. However, the majority of the public remained unfooled.

Mitchell said he had toyed with the idea of setting up his own agency, but thought joining Freud would offer him more security. He didn’t rule out setting up his own agency in the future“.

I broke the story that Clarence Mitchell was forced to resign from his post with the government after he was caught by the PJ tipping off the McCanns that they were being electronically monitored and it led to a diplomatic incident between Britain and Portugal.

It is difficult to see how someone who is a walking crisis himself can be a consultant in crisis management.


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