McCanns take the 5th Amendment

Even if, as a hypothesis, Gerald and Kate could have been responsible for the death of the child, it would always be left to explain how, where, when and with what means and with whose help they disposed of the body“. I think these questions are interesting, however, if the abduction theory is taken out of the equation, it puts responsibility firmly back upon the shoulders of the McCanns. We can speculate about those questions until the cows come home. The ones who should be answering those questions are the McCanns, and they have chosen to exercise their right to remain silent. They have decided they will not incriminate themselves.

This aspect of the above report is inaccurate. “One fact which rested in the shadows throughout was the fact the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz did not offer a babysitting service, but rather a baby-listening service which involved staff members checking children by listening at the door every half hour“. Babysitting services were available, it was the baby-listening service which wasn’t available.



3 Responses to “McCanns take the 5th Amendment”

  1. Jean Baker Says:


    On the subject of babysitting, the following is in today’s press:

    “A mother dog is being hailed as a heroine for saving the life of an abandoned baby by placing him safely amid her brood of new-born puppies. Farmer Fabio Anze heard crying and found the nakes baby boy being kept warm among his dog China’s puppies near the city of La Plate, in Argentina. Police discovered that the baby, weighing 8 lbs 13 oz had been abandoned on a chilly night by his 14 year old mother. He was just a few hours old when found, and was in good health. The girl is said to have panicked and left the baby in a field, surrounded by wooden boxes and rubbish.

    The caring dog has captured the hearts of Argentinians after it was revealed she must have somehow picked up the baby and carried him 50 yards to place him alongside her own puppies”.

    Let’s hope mother and baby are reunited and given all the help and support they need. It must have been terrifying for a 14 year old girl to girl birth alone – I wish them well.

  2. kurt Says:

    The story you link to does say that a Baby-sitting service was available at the resort but that the child(ren) would have to be taken to the creche and not to be able to be left at the apartment. You contradict this story. Please include your facts, it would be helpful to the reader to have your opinion substantiated by verifiable facts.

    The entire article is argueing for the ineptitude of the Portugese police handling of separate credible eyewitnesses and shoddy investigative work.

    Please provide substantiated facts to back up your statements. I really do enjoy reading your theories and visiting your blog.

  3. Pilar Davies Says:

    Imagine for one moment that cadaver odor was found in Murats car boot, car keys, apartment, clothing, some toy in his house. Imagine that of the twenty DNA markers to accept it as total evidence, there were fifteen markers, that would be admitted as paternity evidence in other cases. Imagine he refused to anwer dozens of questions. Where do you think R.M. would be by now? This is an international scandal and I hope British people can make some justice. Thugs might be terrifying though.

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