The case against the McCanns is compelling

I will write this slowly for those who have difficulty grasping the facts.

1. Madeleine is missing.

2. Kate and Gerry McCann offer their explanation for Madeleine’s disappearance, an abductor must be responsible. They point to what they claim is a break-in to support their proposition.

3. The McCanns were in no position to advance an explanation. They were out of sight and sound of the apartment, eating and drinking with their friends at the Tapas bar. They had left, at least, the 2 year old twins Home Alone. They claimed all 3 children were asleep in the apartment when they went out for the evening. They claimed that they thought it was safe to leave 3 children under 4 years of age Home Alone.

4. There was no break-in. The McCanns change their story, they admit to leaving the apartment unlocked. Why did they claim that there had been a break-in? It has to be a cover story to conceal an event. Madeleine’s disappearance. The last people to see Madeleine alive were Kate and Gerry McCann. They claim to have answered all questions. This is a lie. They claim to have fully co-operated with the police. This is a lie. Their claim that they thought it was safe is a lie.

5. Justice for Madeleine requires a fair hearing, let us hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing less than the truth.

6. The case against the McCanns is compelling.


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12 Responses to “The case against the McCanns is compelling”

  1. Jane Says:

    What if, the McCanns are innocent but Madeleine is never found? Your opinion, and that is all it is, will have potentially stained innocent victims of a heinous crime for ever. This reminds me of the bullies at school who liked to attack the weakest but could justify their attack on the basis that no one else liked them either – all two of 25 that is. Remember God is watching us all!

  2. John Hirst Says:

    We will find Madeleine when the McCanns, like the Moors Murderers, reveal the body or how they disposed of her. Therefore, there is no question that the McCanns are innocent. The so-called abductor is innocent. You still don’t get it do you? This has nothing to do with emotions. The McCanns acted clinically in an attempt to save their skins, reputations and jobs.

  3. speak your mind Says:

    I hope you are right, it is disgusting that Madeleine lies dumped somewhere, killed in god alone knows what way, but we know it involved blood shed..I hope her suffering was short and her end swift….and the McCanns rot in hell.

  4. Jean Baker Says:


    Commentators who have read and absorbed police sourced facts in Madeleine’s case are likened to ‘school bullies’; often far worse. Many are threatened with libel !

    Your view confirms you’ve chosen not to read readily available extracts of Mr Amaral’s book and interviews. The facts speak for themselves and are upheld by hard evidence, as required by Law.

    It can, therefore, only been concluded that you’re batting for the McCanns, not Madeleine, like John and the rest of Britain.

  5. Jean Baker Says:

    speak your mind,

    Kate would not have allowed her daughter to be ‘dumped’. Gerry had the means of repatriating Madeleine in the early stages, no shortage of help and backing. Friends in the Met know how and when this occurred.

    The Memorial Services arranged after the McCanns fled Portugal was not held in their usual House of Worship, but one frequented by Masons. There have been mmany reports of Masonic links and assistance in this sinister case. This was the last time Kate was photographed holding ‘cuddle cat’. This indicates closure. Cuddle Cat was not forensically examined, as PJ requested. This along with Madeleine’s clothing (police files) contained cadaver odour.

    The British Government ensured the McCanns were not arrested in September 2007 and also prevented vital police re-questioning in and out of Court.

  6. Jean Baker Says:


    Those having difficulty reading and grasping the facts are paid to do so.

    I commented for the first time in forums a few months after Madeleine ‘disappeared’. It was an education into the workings of internet discussion.
    I learned about ‘keyboard monkeys’ AKA ‘sock puppets, those deployed for the purpose of disruption and influence.

    Many forums labelled them ‘trolls’ and trolls tactics are to bully public commentators out of existence. When this fails to work the ID of genuine commentators is cloned and used for the purpose of ‘influence’.

    Those who have no interest in the facts on police files are guaranteed to be on Mitchell’s forum monkeys payroll. He has direct access to all that is required as head of media monitoring – Home Office.

  7. kurt Says:

    Jean Baker-
    I am neither paid to disregard facts nor uneducated to understand facts. I freely admit that I know only the surface details of this incident and do not promote any more. I would take some offense at being labeled a co-conspirator just because I feel justified in questioning ANY aspect of this crime.

    I come to sites such as the one run by Mr. Hirst in hopes of receiving informative, up-to-date info on this case. In some instances, as in the post above, the charges made by Mr. Hirst against the McCann’s are very subjective to say the least. There are no credible, verified facts to back up Mr. Hirst’s accusations. I’m sure that he is well-versed in this case and has many credible facts to present to his readers. And that is all I, in particular, expect to see. I truly come here to find FACTS easily and more conveniently thatn searching reams and reams of police files.

    I do not advocate any theory at this point as I am not intimate about the facts in this case. I would just like to bring up again the case here in the States of Jon Benoit Ramsey. The majority of people (myself included) thought beyond a doubt that the parents were guilty and it turns out that they in fact were not.

    Until a body or confession surfaces in this case of Madeleine I would caution people to open their minds to all possibilities.

  8. Harjit Singhrao Says:

    Kurt you are perfectly right to advising caution in this case. The problem is the parents have invited media and public into this case instead of the police who have a legitimate right to conduct the investigation. The scene had been contaminated and the police investigation had been hindered. A proper elimination process of suspects could not be conducted because according to the first line of inquiries parents refused to answer vital questions which could have helped this investigation. All records of phone conversations had been wiped clean and the UK government would not help.
    The parents being both doctors know that in England it is an offence to leave children under 13 unsupervised in premises. I have women come up to me complaining why have they been allowed to get away with this. One women who left her child under 13 alone whilst in Spain was reported. When she arrived home there was police and social services waiting to question her.
    People seem to draw parallels to the Dingo and Ramsey cases but I think there are very subtle differences here. Evidence has been suppressed. Then there is also David Payne story at the Tapas.

  9. Jean Baker Says:


    Government intervention/influence in this case blocked PJ’s request to re-question the McCanns. It can, therefore, be concluded that there is a a very strong reason for this.

    “No credible verified facts” confirms your ignorance of facts in this case.
    All substantiated facts and evidence are published in Mr Amaral’s book, PJ’s Report & police files – including – cadaver odour in four locations in apartment, two items of Kate’s clothing, Madeleine’s clothing, cuddle cat, car key and vehicle. Kate’s fingerprints (only ones) found on window allegedly used to ‘abduct’ Madeleine. Specimens pinpointed by Eddue & Keela were taken by hand to FSS for analysis.

    15 DNA components matched Madeleine’s, ‘substantial evidence’; the legal requirement for confirmation of paternity cases in Court. The specimens recovered included the components of ‘others’ DNA – 22 in total, i.e. ‘two’ (confirmed by FSS) directly associated with the deposits found in the apartment and vehicle – in short, the DNA of the ‘perpetrators’. PJ also confirmed (by process of deduction – hair) some results were withheld. Their request for return of the specimens for analysis in their laboratories was refused. Medicants are identifiable found from forensic examination of live/corpse hair, and duration of administration.

    “No evidence or credible verified facts” exist to support the McCanns ‘abduction story’. To the contrary, evidence of a ‘syndicated cover up’ was magnanimously found.

    The overwhelming evidence of death found following Mark Harrison’s involvement on Madeleine’s behalf would, in normal circumstances, have led to the immediate arrest of her parents. In normal circumstances, Court proceedings would have followed swiftly.

    Conclusion: FSS not only found DNA matching Madeleine’s, they found DNA components of the person(s) responsible for the specimens the British team recovered from the apartment and the vehicle.

  10. Jean Baker Says:


    The low copy methods used by FSS in Madeleine’s case, led to the identification of the Australian outback killer. This method enabled his DNA to be revealed and identified from a microscopic ‘touch’ on the rope he used to tie the victim’s girlfriend.

    Likewise, the mere ‘touch’ of those associated with Madeleine’s forensic specimens comprised 22 DNA components. In normal circumstances, the FSS and British police are legally obliged to match findings against the DNA of suspects for the purpose of elimination or arrest.

    PJ & British police acted jointly in their legal obligations to find the reason for Madeleine’s ‘disappearance’, along with the identity of those responsible.

    You may or may not know that Gerry McCann is a medical advisor to the British Government.

  11. kurt Says:

    Jean –
    Thanks for the concise explanation of evidence. It is examples such as the ones you have given that I was speaking of missing in Mr. Hirst’s theories/accusations in some of his posts. Not all, but some.

  12. Jean Baker Says:


    Thank you. Mr Hirst’s conclusions are the same as the police and based on overwhelming evidence.

    The media and forums are Mitchell’s outlets for misinformation.

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