McCanns lie over no evidence

It is untruthful for Gerry McCann to claim “that Portuguese police documents show there is “absolutely no evidence” that his daughter Madeleine has been harmed, and that his family still believe she could be found alive“.

Gerry McCann’s arrogant boast is based upon his belief that he is confident that their concealment of Madeleine’s body will mean that it will never be discovered. True, the PJ have so far been unable to find Madeleine’s body. However, there are examples of successful prosecutions in the absence of a body.

Where the McCanns fall down is if there was an innocent explanation for Madeleine’s death, why didn’t they summon help, and why instead did they dispose of her body? Truth and innocence do not require a cover up such as a fake abduction story. And there was the fake break in story. And the fake sighting of the so-called abductor by Jane Tanner. The McCanns could not agree how they last saw Madeleine before going out to the Tapas bar, they gave different accounts. The truth only needs one account.

In this case, Chris McCann of the Crown Prosecution Service successfully prosecuted without a body.


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One Response to “McCanns lie over no evidence”

  1. Jean Baker Says:

    Am I right in assuming that Chris McCann did not suffer any intervention or influence from the Government as Leicester Police & PJ have in Madeleine’s case ?

    Had the overwhelming evidence of death given in Mr Amaral’s book applied to Mr & Mrs Joe Bloggs, they would, without doubt, have been arrested and tried in a Court of Law.

    ‘No evidence’ applies to the parents’ plea of abduction; the only fingerprints found on the window belonged to Kate and Eddie & Keela have a 100% success rate in over 200 cases.

    PJ found the twins in their unsheeted cots; commonsense says Kate would have been unlikely to open the window prior to shouting ‘they’ve taken her’ as, in her own words, the night was cold.

    Mr Amaral has withheld certain information. Perhaps in time the relevance of the ‘missing sheets’ will be revealed in a second book. Were the sheets used in the concealment process ?

    There were media reports of towel fibres found by PJ linked to cadaver specimens in the vehicle. Missing sports bag, missing sheets and a child reported ‘missing’ by her parents.

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