McCanns lie about Madeleine being asleep

They [the McCanns] tell that they left their three children sleeping. The twins Sean and Amelie (one and a half years old) laid down in their cots, and Maddie in the bed. Kate said that she had left the girl covered. Gerry, the father, maintains that the girl was sleeping on top of the blankets clutching her favourite soft toy“.

No wonder the McCanns were made arguidos (suspects). They agreed to tell the same story together, when questioned separately it is apparent that they did not go into the details. And, that is what is wrong in this case. The British media appear to be blind to the details.


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5 Responses to “McCanns lie about Madeleine being asleep”

  1. kurt Says:

    Sorry if I have the timelines a bit jumbled in my head, but if the child was initially left under the covers by Kate why couldn’t Madeleine have tossled around and been sleeping on top of the covers when checked on by Gerry?

    My daughter starts out asleep under the covers but by the time I check on her before I go to bed she’s usually every which way on the bed and covers other than the way she started.

    I am not following your logic unless I have the sequence of events wrong.

  2. O. Braga Says:

    Just a correction: “arguidos” is not “suspects”. In the portuguese law, it means “accused” of any crime.

    Kurt: small and insignificant facts of our daily lives can lead to strong constructed conclusions.
    I wonder how the girl has been seen by somebody at 17:00, and Kate missed her at about 22:00, and bearing in mind the time the couple spent in the Tapa’s bar, how could a couple that do not speak portuguese at all and do not know the geographical environment, arrange a so quick and efficient corpse disposal…

  3. John Hirst Says:

    kurt: Both parents are giving a description of seeing Madeleine at the same time just before they leave for the Tapas bar. And they are both giving different accounts of the same event.

  4. Harjit Singhrao Says:

    I do not agree with O.Braga’s comment. McCanns are both 39 yrs old and you mean to say they have never been abroad. Gerry is a head shrinker who knows about trends and issues in crime and criminal justice. They have to study these issues.

  5. James Roberts Says:

    John Hirst is an obvious idiot and he must be paid off by the child smugglers to write such rubbish!!!! What is up with you Hirst??? Leave the McCanns alone and send out positive vibes you moron. If you have nothing good to say, we really don’t want to hear from you. Try another profession as you really suck at this one!

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