Madeleine: Naked on the alter in the Temple of Truth


Everyone, it seems, has a theory about Madeleine. This may not be accurate, because when I discussed this subject with my friend the judge, I said that people were divided into two camps of thought 1) the McCanns are guilty; 2) the McCanns are not guilty. He said add to that 3) don’t know; and 4) don’t care.

Personally, I don’t care what the McCanns think, or say happened because I have formed the view that they do not come across as being very credible pillars upon which to build the Temple of Truth. Nevertheless, the McCanns advance the theory that Madeleine was abducted. Others advance the theory that the McCanns are in some way responsible for the disappearance and/or death and disposal of the body of 3 year old Madeleine Beth McCann.

On the evening of Thursday, 3 May 2007, shortly before her fourth birthday, a British child, Madeleine McCann, went missing from a holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in the Algarve in Portugal, in which she was staying with her parents. The initial investigation by the Guarda Nacional Republicana, the first police to be called to the scene, concluded that she had been abducted. After further investigation, the Polícia Judiciária (Portuguese criminal investigation police) subsequently stated that there was a strong hypothesis that she might have died in her room“.

Since the 20,000 page dossier on the disappearance of Madeleine McCann has been released by the Portuguese police, it is clear that to describe the investigation as incompetent would be an injustice to incompetent police forces around the world“.

The country’s justice system, often accused of being excruciatingly slow, is believed by some accounts to be vulnerable for external pressures of well-connected personalities and the possibility of corrupting external interference has been considered a real danger, according to critics“.

Although disappearance of children is rare in Portugal in comparison with a number of other developed countries, the Polícia Judiciária has a rate of success of 77.43% in finding missing children, including abductions and runaway children“.

Yearly worldwide press freedom ranking of countries
published by Reporters Without Borders

Rank Country Index[clarify] Notes
2007 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002
1 Flag of Iceland Iceland 0.75 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
1 Flag of Norway Norway 0.75 2.00 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
3 Flag of Estonia Estonia 1.00 2.00 1.50 2.00 2.50
3 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia 1.00 2.50 0.75 0.50 2.50
5 Flag of Belgium Belgium 1.50 4.00 4.00 4.00 1.17 3.50
5 Flag of Finland Finland 1.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
5 Flag of Sweden Sweden 1.50 4.00 2.00 2.00 1.50 1.50
8 Flag of Denmark Denmark 2.00 5.00 0.50 0.50 1.00 3.00
8 Flag of Ireland Republic of Ireland 2.00 0.50 0.50 0.50 2.83 1.00
8 Flag of Portugal Portugal 2.00 3.00 4.83 4.50 5.17 1.50
11 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland 3.00 2.50 0.50 0.50 2.50 4.25
12 Flag of Latvia Latvia 3.50 3.00 2.50 1.00 2.25
12 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands 3.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50 0.50
14 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic 4.00 0.75 1.00 3.50 2.50 11.25
15 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 4.17 5.00 2.00 0.67 2.83
16 Flag of Austria Austria 4.25 4.50 2.50 3.25 2.75 7.50
17 Flag of Hungary Hungary 4.50 3.00 2.00 6.00 3.33 6.50
18 Flag of Canada Canada 4.88 4.50 4.50 3.33 1.83 0.75
19 Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 5.00 5.00 2.00 2.00 1.00
20 Flag of Germany Germany 5.75 5.50 4.00 2.00 1.33 1.50
21 Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica 6.50 6.67 8.50 7.63 3.83 4.25
21 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia 6.50 3.00 1.00 2.25 3.00 4.00
23 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania 7.00 6.50 4.50 3.00 2.83
24 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom 8.25 6.50 5.17 6.00 4.25 6.00
25 Flag of Mauritius Mauritius 8.50 8.00 7.50 10.50 7.25 9.50
25 Flag of Namibia Namibia 8.50 6.00 5.50 10.00 11.00 8.00
27 Flag of Jamaica Jamaica 8.63 5.50 7.50 4.17 3.33
28 Flag of Australia Australia 8.79 9.00 6.50 9.50 9.25 3.50
29 Flag of Ghana Ghana 9.00 8.50 15.00 13.50 8.75 23.00
30 Flag of Greece Greece 9.25 8.00 4.00 7.00 6.00 5.00
31 Flag of France France 9.75 9.00 6.25 3.50 4.17 3.25
32 Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China (Taiwan) 10.00 10.50 12.25 14.25 12.00 9.00
33 Flag of Spain Spain 10.25 10.00 8.33 9.00 7.67 7.75
34 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 11.17 5.00 7.00 3.67 6.83 12.50
35 Flag of Italy Italy 11.25 9.90 8.67 9.00 9.75 11.00
36 Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Macedonia 11.50 11.50 8.75 11.25 9.67
37 Flag of Japan Japan 11.75 12.50 8.00 10.00 8.00 7.50
37 Flag of Uruguay Uruguay 11.75 13.75 9.75 10.00 4.00 6.00
Flag of Grenada Grenada 12.00
39 Flag of Chile Chile 12.13 11.63 11.75 10.00 6.83 6.50
39 Flag of South Korea South Korea 12.13 7.75 7.50 11.13 9.17 10.50
41 Flag of Croatia Croatia 12.50 13.00 12.83 11.83 16.50 8.75
42 Flag of Romania Romania 12.75 14.00 16.17 17.83 11.50 13.25
43 Flag of South Africa South Africa 13.00 11.25 6.50 5.00 3.33 7.50
44 Flag of Israel Israel (Israeli territory) 13.25 12.00 10.00 8.00 8.00 30.00
45 Flag of Cape Verde Cape Verde 14.00 11.50 6.00 8.75 8.25 13.75
45 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus 14.00 7.50 5.50 22.00 20.83 pre-2005 data included Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
47 Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua 14.25 15.50 15.25 11.67 6.50
48 Flag of the United States United States 14.50 13.00 9.50 4.00 6.00 4.75
49 Flag of Togo Togo 15.17 15.00 23.75 19.50 27.50 31.50
50 Flag of Mauritania Mauritania 15.50 17.50 40.00 51.00 36.67 41.33
51 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria 16.25 9.00 10.25 8.00 6.50 9.75
52 Flag of Mali Mali 16.50 9.00 8.00 12.83 11.00 12.50
53 Flag of Benin Benin 17.00 5.50 5.50 5.50 5.25 6.00
54 Flag of Panama Panama 17.88 9.50 15.00 14.50 9.75 15.50
55 Flag of Tanzania Tanzania 18.00 19.82 17.50 14.50 16.50 21.25
56 Flag of Ecuador Ecuador 18.50 15.25 21.75 16.50 7.67 5.50
56 Flag of Poland Poland 18.50 14.00 12.50 6.83 6.17 7.75
58 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 19.00 14.50 12.50 22.00 20.83 pre-2005 data included Cyprus
58 Flag of Montenegro Montenegro 19.00 11.50 14.83 20.13 21.33 20.75 pre-2007 data from Serbia and Montenegro
60 Flag of Kosovo Kosovo 19.75 16.00 25.75 20.13 21.33 20.75 pre-2005 data from Serbia and Montenegro
61 Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong 20.00 14.00 8.25 7.50 11.00 4.83
61 Flag of Madagascar Madagascar 20.00 15.00 24.50 18.50 8.17 22.75
63 Flag of Kuwait Kuwait 20.17 17.00 21.25 31.67 31.33 25.50
64 Flag of El Salvador El Salvador 20.20 10.00 5.75 6.00 6.83 8.75
65 Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 20.25 17.50 25.75 50.25 37.00
66 Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia 20.83 21.00 25.17 27.50 17.33
67 Flag of Serbia Serbia 21.00 11.50 14.83 20.13 21.33 20.75 pre-2007 data from Serbia and Montenegro
68 Flag of Bolivia Bolivia 21.50 4.50 9.67 20.00 9.67 14.50
68 Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 21.50 16.00 19.00 16.25 18.00 27.75
68 Flag of Zambia Zambia 21.50 22.50 23.00 29.75 23.25 26.75
71 Flag of the Central African Republic Central African Republic 22.50 14.50 19.75 32.50 32.75 21.50
72 Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 22.75 12.75 12.25 6.75 17.00
73 Flag of Mozambique Mozambique 23.00 11.50 10.50 16.25 14.00 23.50
74 Flag of Mongolia Mongolia 23.40 19.25 12.50 19.00 18.25 24.50
75 Flag of Botswana Botswana 23.50 13.00 14.00 11.50 13.00
75 Flag of Haiti Haiti 23.50 19.50 33.50 42.13 31.00 36.50
77 Flag of Armenia Armenia 23.63 25.50 26.00 23.50 25.17
78 Flag of Kenya Kenya 23.75 30.25 30.00 22.25 18.50 24.75
79 Flag of Qatar Qatar 24.00 18.00 23.00 32.50 35.00
80 Flag of the Republic of the Congo Republic of the Congo 24.50 17.00 17.00 17.50 14.00 23.17
81 Flag of Moldova Moldova 24.75 19.17 17.50 20.50 27.00
82 Flag of Argentina Argentina 24.83 17.30 13.67 21.33 15.17 12.00
83 Flag of Senegal Senegal 25.00 17.50 19.00 21.50 14.50 14.00
84 Flag of Brazil Brazil 25.25 17.17 14.50 16.50 16.75 18.75
85 Flag of Cambodia Cambodia 25.33 27.25 23.00 36.50 19.50 24.25
85 Flag of Liberia Liberia 25.33 19.00 20.50 40.00 40.00 37.75
87 Flag of Albania Albania 25.50 18.00 14.17 11.50 6.50
87 Flag of Honduras Honduras 25.50 14.50 18.00 11.75 14.17
87 Flag of Niger Niger 25.50 24.50 13.00 18.33 15.75 18.50
90 Flag of Paraguay Paraguay 26.10 18.25 15.50 10.50 7.17 8.50
91 Flag of Angola Angola 26.50 21.50 18.00 26.50 28.00 30.17
92 Flag of Malawi Malawi 26.75 25.50 22.75 31.00 21.00 27.67
92 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine 26.75 26.50 32.50 51.00 40.00 40.00
94 Flag of Côte d'Ivoire Côte d’Ivoire 27.00 25.00 52.25 60.38 42.17 19.00
94 Flag of East Timor Timor-Leste 27.00 18.50 13.50 13.50 5.50
96 Flag of the Comoros Comoros 28.00 22.50 22.00 26.50 18.50 20.50
96 Flag of Uganda Uganda 28.00 29.83 19.25 24.00 25.75 17.00
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107 Flag of Fiji Fiji 33.50 14.00 14.00 16.00 11.50
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110 Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 33.60 34.00 32.00 35.25 32.00 31.75
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111 Flag of the United States United States (extra-territorial) 36.00 31.50 48.50 36.00 41.00
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145 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia 57.00 53.75 57.50 62.67 50.83 67.75
Flag of Oman Oman 57.75
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147 Flag of Rwanda Rwanda 58.88 41.00 38.00 37.25 34.25 37.50
148 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 59.75 76.00 66.00 79.17 71.50 62.50
149 Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 62.00 50.00 64.25 67.50 45.50 48.25
150 Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia 63.00 75.00 42.00 37.00 37.50 37.50
151 Flag of Belarus Belarus 63.63 57.00 61.33 54.10 52.00 52.17
152 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan 64.83 70.33 60.75 61.75 39.00 44.67
153 Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea 65.25 48.00 44.00 46.25 44.75 42.75
154 Flag of Syria Syria 66.00 63.00 55.00 67.50 67.50 62.83
155 Flag of Libya Libya 66.50 62.50 88.75 65.00 60.00 72.50
156 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 67.50 50.75 33.25 36.50 24.83 15.75
157 Flag of Iraq Iraq 67.83 66.83 67.00 58.50 37.50 79.00
158 Palestinian Authority 69.83 46.75 42.50 43.17 39.25 27.00
159 Flag of Somalia Somalia 71.50 51.25 59.00 43.50 45.00
160 Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 74.88 71.00 66.50 52.13 61.50 45.00
161 Flag of Laos Laos 75.00 67.50 66.50 64.33 94.83 89.00
162 Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 79.25 67.25 73.25 86.88 89.17 81.25
163 Flag of the People's Republic of China People’s Republic of China (mainland only) 89.00 94.00 83.00 92.33 91.25 97.00
164 Flag of Burma Myanmar 93.75 94.75 88.83 103.63 95.50 96.83
165 Flag of Cuba Cuba 96.17 95.00 87.00 106.83 97.83 90.25
166 Flag of Iran Iran 96.50 90.88 89.17 78.30 89.33 48.25
167 Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan 103.75 98.50 93.50 99.83 82.83 91.50
168 Flag of North Korea North Korea 108.75 109.00 109.00 107.50 99.50 97.50
169 Flag of Eritrea Eritrea 114.75 97.50 99.75 93.25 91.50 83.67

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6 Responses to “Madeleine: Naked on the alter in the Temple of Truth”

  1. M. Marques Says:

    Since it will be obvious by my misspellings and grammar twists that English is not my native language, I’ll start by telling you that I am portuguese. This fact doesn’t bias my opinion on this case and the only influence that could exist derives from being closer to the system and fully understanding the language and legal terms used in the whole of the investigation. I find that all kinds of people (nasty or not) are very evenly distributed geographically so i look at the McCanns just like any other couple in the same circumstances, regardless of their citizenship. I hope (I’m sure) I won’t become one of those people that posts on the tabloids’ sites all that rubbish about British or Portuguese view of the events, like they do about a soccer match. I think this whole thing has a lot to do with common sense and so we’re all entitled to elaborate theories about what happened, keeping in mind that nothing can be ruled out and innocence is presumed until proven otherwise.
    I discovered this site just now and even if I haven’t read as much or as carefully as I intend to, it seems an interesting, serious and respectful place where one can debate calmly, so I’m looking forward to ask my share of questions and comment on the gray spots of the story and also to read what you have written about all the questions left unanswered until now.
    I hope to make myself clear and that you’ll be able to understand me despite any mistakes or acrobatic syntax.
    This said, it strikes me, when I look at all the “mess” created around the missing girl, the very peculiar behaviour of the parents a/o friends. And I’m not even mentioning anything related to the crime/accident/disappearing itself. It seems quite surreal the way that the McCanns (and a lot of people that support them in that attitude) want the whole process to be dealt with. If it was a film, the script would be rather unusual: Parents find that a child is missing. Parents engage on a series of unusual activities instead of calling the police or asking for help. When police finally arrives (who called for them?) the couple informs them that her daughter was abducted, probably a member of a pedophile net, that entered through a specific window at a specific moment in a very narrow window of time. Parents and friends after briefing the police instruct them on the next steps to be taken and enhance that reports are expected after any move. Plus, parents will not be bothered with any questions and any further information, vital as it might be, will be provided on a need-to-know basis after clearance and at time considered convenient by parents. Parents then feel the urging need to create a structure of PRs and assistants to deal with communication on their behalf. Parents feel free to decide any strategy that pleases them despite any expert advice on the contrary. Parents are entitled to judge, criticize and publicly complain about any action taken without their express approval and about the lack of the results of the expected nature. Parents feel free to organize a worldwide campaign and a fund (boarders are family and relatives) to finance every initiative, trip, counseling, expertise, merchandising, lobbying, etc, they happen to consider necessary, regardless of the outcome of the investigations. Etc, etc, ect…
    This is the picture from here. Now, I don’t know what was their responsibility (except being neglecting and careless) on whatever happened to Maddie, if any, but one thing I don’t like is the way the McCanns have been acting so far. And it puzzles me that some people consider it so obviously correct and wise.

  2. teachthemasses Says:

    I agree- I fel that Kate is guilty but I can’ put my finger on it. From Day One I had a bad feeling about her. But if Maddie was killed- when did it happen? Didn’t the twins see anything? Where did the body go?

  3. Ironside Says:

    M.Marques Good morning, excellent post.

    Something that people seem to have missed , a comment by Miss Pennington,who was first in the apartment after kate raised the alarm.
    She said when she entered the apartment there were no children in the room, she assumed the twins had left with friends. this would be just after 10 pm…When GNR arrived twins were in a deep sleep in their cots without sheets.

    I have a theory for this, twins were sedated early in the evening and moved next door to Oldfields, being the nearest apartment. Madeleine was already dead, what had they done with her body, first wrapped it in the missing sheets from the twins cots ;then either hidden it,(death scent found near wardrobe) in the parents room or taken it down to the beach. Kate said to Amaral that a psychic told her that madeleine was in a sewer on the beach. I think that was maybe the first resting place.

    Mrs Fenn offered to phone the police, kate said they had already been called, one of her many lies. GNR were not contacted until 10.40 pm…

    Why the wait, twins had to be returned to ap.5a. this was done by kate while everyone was searching, she remained in the would have taken moments to pop next door and return them to their cots, they were sedated so as not to wake when being moved around.

    Fiona Payne ‘s statement “Kate kept putting her hand in front of the twins mouths to see if they were still breathing”..Why did she do this, i believe because it was the first time she had sedated them.

    Or did Fiona make this statement because kate was worried that Miss Pennington knowing the twins were not in the apartment and they were just covering themselves by making this comment. Either way I believe that no one was in the apartment 5a on the 3rd May.

  4. Jean Baker Says:


    By the process of deduction with facts in Mr Amaral’s book & PJ’s Report, the specimen results withheld by the British authorities were those pertaining to the (reported) large quantity of corpse hair. PJ’s request for return of the specimens for analysis in Portugal were, like many other requests, ignored.

    Medication and duration of administration is shown by hair analysis. It is fair to assume that hair specimen results were not favourable to Madeleine’s parents and withheld by those protecting them.

    I read a comment in a forum in which Kate said ‘we “put the children to sleep” ‘ at 7.30 p.m. Out of all the time three children were left alone night after night after dark in an alien environment, only one woke and cried for 1 hr 15 mins on 1 or 2 May. No independent witness saw Madeleine after 2 May.

    Your theory regarding the cot sheets – lack of found by PJ – is very plausible. Your theory debated months ago (before infiltration of clones on 3 A’s)) based on the Smith family’s sighting was spot on ! None of us realized that Mr Amaral’s arrangements for flying the Smiths to Portugal to give testimony was the true reason behind his ‘removal’. Interesting that Brown phoned to check h’ed ‘gone’ 2 hours before Mr Amaral knew !!!

  5. Ironside Says:

    Interview with Gonçalo Amaral in Correio da Manhã today – 24. 07. 2008

    “The investigation was syndicated”

    Gonçalo Amaral laments that “the investigation was syndicated”. In the first interview during which he speaks about the process, he defends that Maddie died at the Ocean Club. The book is launched in Lisbon today and promises to launch the controversy again

    Correio da Manhã – As the case investigator, what is your thesis?

    Gonçalo Amaral – The little girl died in the apartment. Everything is in the book, which is faithful to the investigation until September: it reflects the understanding of the Portuguese and the English police and of the Public Ministry. For all of us, until then, the concealment of the cadaver, the simulation of abduction and the exposure or abandonment were proved.

    What led you to indict the McCanns over all of those crimes?

    It all starts with an abduction theory that is forced by the parents. And the abduction is based on two facts: one is Jane Tanner’s testimony that says she saw a man passing in front of the apartment, carrying a child; the other is the bedroom window, which, according to Kate, was open when it should have been closed. It was proved that none of that happened.

    How was it proved?

    Jane Tanner is not credible: she identifies and recognizes different people. She starts with Murat, later on someone else is mentioned, according to the drawing done by a witness, and she already says that is the person, completely different from Robert Murat.

    Jane Tanner’s testimony drove the abduction theory.

    In order to advance into that direction, it would be necessary to give her credit: there was no other indicium of the abduction. And the issue of the bedroom window, where Maddie and her siblings slept, is vital. It leads to simulation. This means, whether or not it was open when Jane says that she saw the man carrying the child. The little girl’s mother, Kate, is the only person that mentions the open window.

    Does that undo the abduction theory?

    There lies the solution. To be closed or not, is a strong indicium for simulation. And why does one simulate abduction, rather than simply saying that the child has disappeared? She could have opened the door and left…

    Do Kate’s fingerprints reinforce the simulation theory?

    They are the only fingerprints on the window. And in a position of opening the window.

    Did Kate have suspicious attitudes?

    She goes out for dinner and supposedly leaves three children asleep. She returns, one is missing, she goes out, leaving the window wide open with the twins asleep. And the night, according to what she says, was very cold…

    What about Maddie’s bed?

    It carries no signs that anyone was in it. Nor does the chair or the bed under the window. And there are no imprints from strangers.

    The reconstitution is missing.

    It was not carried out 10 or 15 days after the facts, because the resort was full of tourists. We trusted that it could be carried out at a later date. It couldn’t.

    Did you request data about the group?

    At 8 a.m. on the 4th, the request was made to the English liaison officer, but [the data] never arrived.

    What did you want to know?

    Who the people are, their antecedents. And the child, whether or not there are complaints against the parents or others. How she behaved in school, to find out if she was the target of abuse.

    How important is the Irish witness within the case?

    He explained where he and his family had seen, at 10 p.m. on the 3rd of May, a man carrying a little girl. And it wasn’t Murat. They did not see the face, but they described the athletic and clumsy manner in which he carried the child.

    That was back in May.

    When the McCanns returned to England, the witness, watching Gerry get off the plane and walking across the asphalt carrying his child, had a realization. By the manner in which he walked and the clumsy way that he carries the child, he is 70 to 80 percent certain that it was the person he saw that evening. Says he and say the other members of the family.

    What did you do?

    On the days before I left Portimão we were taking care of that trip to Portugal. Then, the hearing of that witness was requested through a liaison officer from the Irish police in Madrid, which took months. During that time, the witness was approached by persons that are connected to the McCanns’ staff, I don’t know with what intention. They felt pressured. Later on, the hearing arrived and he maintains the probability of 70 to 80 percent that it was Gerry who carried the little girl towards the beach.

    Couldn’t that have been included in the rogatory letter?

    It could and it should. The ideal would have been for him to come to Portugal, as a key witness. Just like the couple of doctors that describe the situation in Mallorca.

    Once the abduction theory was set apart, how was the death theory built?

    With the elements that exist, we could only reach an accident, natural death, any cause without the intervention of another person. We were cementing evidence and advancing to understand what happened to the little girl’s body. Also based on information from the British lab, about residues that were found inside the car that was rented by the McCanns.

    Where and how could they have hidden the body for over twenty days?

    That was what we were trying to find out. Searching within their friends, because the couple had a lot of acquaintances. We tried to understand where the little girl could have been during those twenty something days.

    Out of reach from the searches.

    Yes. There was information that the couple had been seen walking towards a certain apartment block, we were trying to understand which apartment it was. Who had access to that apartment. But everything stopped.

    How do you interpret that stopping of everything, when you left?

    It almost looks as if the investigation was syndicated.

    It was even said that the blood that was found was not human.

    The dogs only smell human blood. The sample that is collected and taken to England, to be analysed with the Low Copy Number technique, is microscopic. The technique does not allow them to state whether it is blood or any other type of fluid – but it guarantees that it is human.

    The family tried to justify itself.

    Later on, a brother-in-law and a cousin of Kate said that they had carried steaks in the trunk that had thawed, even garbage, but no. The dogs follow neither garbage smell nor non-human blood. Then there is a witness, that was never heard, a jurist that lived next to the couple, in the second house [villa] outside of the apartment, saying that the car trunk was left open during the night, for airing. But maybe that was because of the garbage…

    Within the theory of the parents’ involvement, can you reconstitute that night?

    We had already concluded, long before the Irish witness, that if those persons were involved, there was only one possibility. It pointed towards the beach. Not only because of what [locations] they knew but also due to the terrain’s conditions. In that area, it is not easy to dig a hole. One either knows where holes already exist, or it is not possible, within a short time lapse, to decide where to place a corpse without knowing the area. If there was involvement, it would have been towards the beach area. Which is later corroborated by the Irish witness.

    At the time when the Irish tourist reportedly saw Gerry, there are various witness statements that place the child’s father at the Ocean Club.

    They are not credible. The employees are unable to tell at what time the persons were there, for how long each one of them stayed away when they say they went to the apartments. And the group is not credible. They say that on the previous nights, every 30 minutes, each one of them went to check only on his own children; but on that night, between 9.30 and 10 p.m., someone curiously goes to check that apartment, almost every five minutes, leaving the rest unchecked.

    And what about Gerry?

    He justifies some of the time with a trip to the toilet. That is not five minutes, then he meets another individual outside. Hence the need for the reconstitution. To find out how long it took them to get to the apartments, what route they walked, etc. A reconstitution that should be joint with the restaurant’s movement, because when it is said that they asked for the food from 9 p.m. onwards, there was one person who ordered a steak. And that steak was heated again because someone was not there. It is necessary to find out whose steak that was. He was away for a much longer time period…

    An adult carrying a child, until the beach, how long [does it take]?

    Fifteen minutes.

    How was it possible for the apartment to be rented out after the crime?

    The apartment was immediately fully contaminated by the parents’ action, before the police arrived. A complete fair was built there and at a certain point, dogs were demanded to come inside the house.

    You admitted the possibility that the children had been given sedatives.

    The twins, with the lights on, with the lights off, with a crowd of people going in and out, slept until 2 a.m., when they were carried into another apartment. Even then, they continued to sleep. That sleep is not normal.

    But the Judiciária did nothing.

    Once again, we were inhibited. We thought about asking the parents to test their hair, in order to understand whether there were sedatives, but as soon as it was found out, it would be said that we were suspecting the parents, and it was being avoided at all costs that it became public that those suspicions existed.

    How is there room for speculation about the DNA tests? It was those results that allowed you to advance with the arguido status.

    The speculation is done by the scientist who performs the test. He starts out by saying, in his preliminary report, that it was easy to say that it was Maddie. Then he raised other questions. Of course nobody can be accused, based on that data alone.

    “The cadaver was frozen”

    Correio da Manhã – What do you think happened to the body?

    Gonçalo Amaral – Everything indicated that the body, after having been at a certain location, was moved into another location by car, twenty something days later. With the residues that were found inside the car, the little girl had to have been transported inside it.

    How can you state that?

    Due to the type of fluid, we policemen, experts, say that the cadaver was frozen or preserved in the cold and when placed into the car boot, with the heat at that time [of the year], part of the ice melted. On a curb, for example, something fell from the trunk’s right side, above the wheel. It may be said that this is speculation, but it’s the only way to explain what happened there.

    If the body was hidden in the beach area first, was it always out of reach for the searches?

    The beach was searched at a time when it is not known whether the body was still there. Using dogs, but sniffer dogs have limitations, like the salted water, for example. Later on, it may have been removed.

    “We should have done phone tapping”

    Correio da Manhã – Did you feel political pressure during the investigation?

    G.A. – Inhibition. One of the mistakes was that we did not advance on this group with everything that legally was within our reach: Tapping, surveillance. It was necessary, for example, to recover the clothes that the little girl was wearing when she left the crèche to go home. There, we thought: if we go, it will immediately be said that we suspect the parents. That inhibition happened throughout time.

    And that led you towards the abduction.

    We had to prove that there was no abduction, in order to focus on those persons afterwards…

    How does the pressure appear?

    Right on the morning of the 4th of May, with a consul calling the embassy and saying that the PJ wasn’t doing anything. Then an ambassador. Next, an advisor and the English prime minister.

    “Payne is the last one to see her”

    Correio da Manhã – When do testimonies concerning David Payne’s behaviour indicating sexual practices with minors arrive?

    Gonçalo Amaral – In May. Something went wrong with that group during a holiday: David Payne made revealing gestures concerning behaviour towards children. Even towards Maddie. We asked for information but it arrived after the 26th of October. They sent the information without giving it any importance.

    What exactly did arrive?

    A couple of doctors spent holidays in Mallorca, in 2005, with David Payne, the McCanns and another couple. The lady says she saw Payne with his finger in his mouth, making a movement in and out, while rubbing his nipple with the other hand. And he was talking about Maddie, next to her father. Those statements should have been given a different treatment by the police. It was relevant to access the information, about doctors, who are just as credible as anyone else.

    What else remains unclear concerning David Payne?

    He will be the last one to see Maddie alive after 5.30 p.m., when she leaves the crèche. He meets Gerry playing tennis and asks him about Kate and the children. Gerry answers that they are in the apartment and he goes there. He returns 30 minutes later. Kate says it was 30 seconds. There is something not quite right here.



    The evidence and the results of the case

    “Arriving this far, it is important to make a deductive summary about this case. Which means, to reject what is false; to set aside what cannot be proved, because it is insufficient; to consider as valid and certain what has been proved.

    What is proved


    1. The abduction theory is defended by Maddie’s parents since the first moment;

    2. Within the group, only her parents stated that they observed the open window in the missing girl’s bedroom; the majority cannot witness it faithfully because they arrived at the apartment after the alarm was raised;

    3. The only statement outside of the group that mentions the open window and the raised shutters comes from Amy, one of the Ocean Club’s nannies, who points her observation towards 10.20/10.30 p.m., which is some time after the alarm was raised and does not prove that it was open like that at the time when the crime happened;

    4. The set of depositions and witness statements exposes a high number of imprecision, incongruence and contradictions – which, in some cases, may be typified as false testimonies. In particular, the key statement for the abduction theory, from Jane Tanner, which loses all credibility due to the fact that it successively evolved throughout various moments in time, becoming ambiguous and disqualifying itself;

    5. There is a cadaver that has not been located, a conclusion that is validated by the English EVRD and CSI dogs and corroborated by the preliminary lab test results.

    Certainties until October

    “For me, and for the investigators that worked with me on the case until October 2007, the results that we reached were the following: 1. The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007; 2. An abduction was simulated; 3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspected of involvement in the concealment of their daughter’s cadaver; 4. Death may have resulted from a tragic accident; 5. There is indicia of neglect in the guard and safety of the children.”

    “Decisive diligence was never carried out”

    “The Smith family [Irish witnesses] is available to make a formal recognition. We had already contacted the Smith family, from Ireland, whose patriarch was prepared to travel to the Algarve, to give a new statement and for a formal recognition […] following the recognition that he had made on television of the man who on the 3rd of May, in Vila da Luz, walked towards the beach carrying a little girl, a little girl that they had recognized as being Madeleine McCann.

    The man that the Smith were talking about was, with a high degree of certainty, Gerald McCann, who they had seen on the English television news, on the day that the McCann couple returned [on their definitive trip] to the United Kingdom. That man that came down the airplane stairs and walked on the asphalt, carrying a child, was apparently the same man who, on the evening of the 3rd of May, walked into the direction of the beach, carrying Madeleine, who seemed to be deeply asleep.

    When the situation was presented to the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária [Alípio Ribeiro at that time], he agreed with what was being suggested to him, [namely] the coming to the Algarve, at our expenses, of the elements of the Smith family that were able to testify the facts.”


    McCanns erased all the telephone calls

    The calls on the couple’s mobile phones were erased, with the exception, in Kate’s case, of a call from her husband at 11.17 on that night of the 3rd of May, minutes after the disappearance was known. But this call is not registered on the mobile phone that belongs to Gerry, who erased all the phone calls of that day, presumably after he called Kate at that time. This fact, that was never clarified in terms of its motivation, intrigued the investigators.

  6. Ironside Says:

    No Oldfield check at 9.30 pm…

    Also a scribbled timeline from Gerry in the paper reads:

    8.45pm All assembled at poolside for food

    9.00pm Mat Oldfield listens at all 3 windows 5A, B, D.. ALL shutters down

    9.15pm Gerry McCann looks at room A ?Door open to bedroom.

    9.20pm Jane Tanner check 5D [sees stranger walking carrying a child]

    9.30pm Russell O’Brien in 5D Poorly daughter

    10pm Alarm raised after Kate

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