McCanns not paedophiles to blame for Madeleine’s disappearance

On the basis of this brief email…

Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken.

“Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie, took a photograph of her and sent it to Belgium. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Maddie was taken“.

The Daily Telegraph concludes:

“Only now, is a picture emerging of what may have happened.

It destroys the PJ’s theory that the couple accidentally killed Madeleine and then tried to dispose of her body”.

Since when does such scanty information, more likely misinformation, gain such credibility with a British broadsheet, especially given the unreliability as stated below?

“The Met Police were tipped by an anonymous source, the files showed”.

UPDATE: CNN has picked up this story here and refers to this blog for other related content.

In my view, it would assist in the cracking of this case if the McCanns were asked the question “Why did you lie about the apartment having been the subject of a break in?”


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11 Responses to “McCanns not paedophiles to blame for Madeleine’s disappearance”

  1. Jean Baker Says:


    It confirms the extent and influence of the ‘British Establishment’ in this case.

    As far as the Government is concerned, the case isn’t about Madeleine’s death, but the deplorable, unprecedented, illegal protection of her parents. How much is this fiasco costing British taxpayers ? A reputable Portuguese ‘blogger’ reported that the cost to the Portuguese was multi million euros in early 2008.

  2. EgoNarroVerum Says:

    Just curious, how you can all be so sure it was the McCanns who are responsible? I don’t know what happened to Maddie, but the blaming the parents reminds me a lot of the Jon Benett case. Everyone is quick to blame the parents, but WHAT IF, they are not responsible?

  3. kurt Says:

    My comment mirrors Ego’s…keep in mind that here in the States almost everyone blamed the Ramsey’s (myself included) for Jon Bennet’s disappearance. It turned out to be not true and has been a huge cluster f***-up by the police dept.

    Do not believe that this could not happen on the other side of the pond. It surely could.

    Let’s hope she isn’t with a pedophile ring. I cringed when I read this today. It’s a most disgusting, vile thought and makes one almost wish her parents have caused her death.

  4. Nan - Charleston, SC Says:

    I wonder – was Maddie “taken by” or SOLD TO that pedophile ring? Has anyone closely examined the McCann’s financial records/history?

  5. John Hirst Says:

    In this case, the McCanns claimed that there had been a break in at the apartment and that the shutters were damaged by a jemmy forcing them open. However, the resort manager disputed this claim. The police said there was no evidence to support a break in. The McCanns spokesman later admitted that there was no break in, but so far the McCanns have not explained why they lied about a fake break in.

    Only one of the McCanns friends, Jane Tanner, claim to have seen an abductor however, an independent witness who was in the same place at the same time did not see her or any so-called abductor. The police have dismissed Jane Tanner as not being a credible witness.

  6. Harjit Singhrao Says:

    There is a possibility that they are innocent but in my 30 years of police forensic experience I say there is a high probability of McCann’s involvement in there child’s disappearance.

  7. Celene Says:

    I think all possibilities should not be ruled out..
    But it seems insane to focus on a childs parents to the extent that most police do.The first effort should be a total belief that the child was stranger abducted and work with all their effort to that idea. Parents rarely kill their children, and yet routinely we have pedophiles molest them.
    Every second they waste focusing on a parent is time wasted with the child in danger.The parents are going nowhere.The parents can always be investigated. But if the child is in the hands of an abductor there is no time to waste.
    In one short year this child could be unrecognizable physically, and ruined emotionally. If the parents killed her, she is not out there suffering somwhere.
    Which scenerio should be focused on first?
    Finding a child the parents might have killed, or one in the hands of some sadistic stranger?

  8. John Hirst Says:

    Celene: “Parents rarely kill their children”. According to the FBI in 90% of the cases it is family, relative or close friend.

  9. Jean Baker Says:


    Whilst the British Government has focussed on protecting the McCanns from day one, the PJ (assisted by the often constrained British Police) have focussed on their duty to the victim in this case, an innocent 3 year old child.

    Your views suggest you have yet to read the facts in Mr Amaral’s book or the contents of PJ’s Report, readily available online.

    This case will go down in criminal/political history, for the corrupt and unprecedented behaviour by McCann protectionists in addition to the death and disposal of their daughter. Kate’s fingerprints are the only ones found on the inside of the window in the room in which Madeleine and the twins were (according to Kate) ‘put to sleep each night at 7.30 p.m. There are no glove marks, teeth marks, foot marks or any evidence that anyone, other than Kate opened the window.

    I’ve always applauded PJ’s intelligence in this case and their persistance to duty for Madeleine despite the unrelenting Government interference and influence. The most damning being the deplorable, way the press is clearly being dictated to in this case in feeding misinformation. Reporters in the case show utter contempt for the police, law, order and justice.

    Conversely, Metado 3 are doing the job they’re paid to do, as in Morocco, paying for false witness accounts. Whilst their involvement in the case was illegal, the British media published everything they were given without question. I have no recollection of any other case involving the death of a child where the media has been used as a tool for misinformation.

    Evidence shows Madeleine was not abducted; had this been the case Mitchell, Government Media Monitor, ex Daily Express journalist and BBC employ would not have been seconded from the Home Office. The media ‘tripe’ shames Britain. The press illustrates mutual contempt for the public as well as police expertise and hard evidence.

  10. AlexM Says:


  11. kurt Says:

    Come over to the States for a bit. You will truly learn the meaning of shamless media whores.

    Trial -by- media is the way of justice in the good ol’ USA as of present.

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