Brussels sprouts hundreds of ‘sightings of Madeleine’

No paedophile rings in Belgium yet Madeleine has been sighted all over

No paedophile rings in Belgium yet Madeleine has been sighted all over

The Telegraph is reporting that in Belgium: “A host of sightings of Madeleine McCann have been reported in the country where a paedophile ring is alleged to have ordered she be abducted since her disappearance, authorities have disclosed“.

“There have been over 100 witness reports relating to Madeleine in Belgium through a special hotline for missing children since she vanished from Praia da Luz in May last year”.

More than a third “37 came from clairvoyants”.

All of these signs for Madeleine but we only need one sign pointing at the McCanns with one word “Guilty”.


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One Response to “Brussels sprouts hundreds of ‘sightings of Madeleine’”

  1. mickahoine Says:

    reason belgium is being mentioned is memory of past cases.but there not putting this into press
    Child Focus, or the European Center for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children, was founded in 1998 by Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer and headed by this person ever since. In 2005, de Lichtbuer became chairman of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), headquartered in Washington and founded in 1999. Who is this Lichtbuer? First of all, he is quite big in the financial world, with former positions in Banque Bruxelles Lambert, the Belgian Bankers’ Association, VP Bank Liechtenstein (with Nikolaus von Liechtenstein), Thomas Cook Traveller Cheques and the European Financial Marketing Association. He also has been executive president of the aristocratic Europa Nostra. But things become really problematic upon reading that de Lichtbuer is a member of the honorary committee of Cercle de Lorraine, together with with Maurice Lippens and Etienne Davignon. Equally worrying is his position as honorary executive president of the Koninklijke Vereniging der Historische Woonsteden en Tuinen van België, together with prince Alexander de Merode (former chair) and Count Ghislain d’Ursel. Davignon used to be a board member too. There’s another indication that de Lichtbuer might not be the best choice for an anti- child abuse organization: 1998, Stef Janssens, ‘The names from the cover up’, p. 33: “In 1989, [Nicolas] de Kerchove d’Ousselghem [CEPIC; chef de cabinet of Vanden Boeynants; contact of VdB to the PIO intelligence organization] and Paul Vankerkhoven, CEPIC member and co-founder of Cercle des Nations [among many other things]… were employees of the magazine ‘Revue Belge’. This right-wing magazine had as manager the present director of the Center for Missing Children and former BBL-director Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer. What in itself is not reprehensible, but does say something about the milieu in which the present director of this Center was involved with.” To clarify, that milieu appears to be the highest level child abuse milieu.

    site can be very disturbing if you can turn off graphice better again.
    thank you john

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