Why Madeleine is dead

Madeleine Beth McCann died or was killed in Apartment 5A between 6 and 8.30pm on  3 May 2007. Madeleine was definitely dead before Kate and Gerry McCann left the apartment and arrived at the Tapas bar at 8.40pm. Whilst the McCanns have stated that an abductor must have taken Madeleine in between one of the checks, this is obviously false. Because, it is obvious that the McCanns had to fit in the so-called abductor in between one of the checks to give the story any kind of plausibility. Having to squeeze the so-called abductor into a tight time frame, a window of opportunity, has given the McCanns a logistical problem.

According to the McCanns, at 9.30pm Matthew Oldfield supposedly offers to check on Madeleine and the twins. However, there is something wrong about this account. Matthew Oldfield states that he did not see Madeleine. What good is a check to see if everything is alright which fails to check on Madeleine? He would be failing in his duty towards the McCanns if the scenario was genuine. Why didn’t he see Madeleine? Obviously, she wasn’t asleep in her bed. There are two factors here. One is that Matthew Oldfield was not prepared to state he saw Madeleine. It would mean he was the last person to see Madeleine alive, and make him a prime suspect when the police arrived, and mean he would be accused of perverting the course of justice if discovered to be lying. The second factor is that if he claimed he saw Madeleine, then it would cast doubt upon Jane Tanner’s alleged sighting of the abductor at 9.15pm.

It was difficult enough for the McCanns to introduce an abductor into the plot. To give this version of events any credibility whatsoever, it was better to have someone within the group “see” the abductor. This could not have been done by someone outside of the group as it would have compromised their security if the witness cracked under police questioning. Therefore Jane Tanner drew the short straw, and claimed to have seen the abductor at 9.15pm. This means that Madeleine was missing before 9.30pm. It also means that Madeleine was missing before 9.15pm. Gerry McCann claims to have seen Madeleine asleep at 9.05pm. If he is to be believed, this means that an abductor only had 10 minutes between 9.05 and 9.15pm to kidnap Madeleine.

What spoils this plan for the McCanns is the unexpected arrival upon the scene of Jeremy Wilkins. So, the abductor sees Gerry McCann, Jeremy Wilkins and Jane Tanner in the street and decides to just pop into Apartment 5A and abduct Madeleine? One of the McCanns favourite words of scorn is ludicrous, which is what we are expected to believe. It was a shock for Gerry McCann to leave the apartment and unexpectedly to bump into Jeremy Wilkins. It would not have been sociable had Gerry McCann just ignored Jeremy Wilkins therefore he had to stop and talk to him for a few minutes. In reality, Gerry McCann did not see Madeleine asleep in her bed at 9.05pm, this was because she was already dead by 8.30pm.

It is unlikely Madeleine died as a result of an overdose or overreaction to a sedative. This is because she would have been in bed appearing to be asleep, and the McCanns would not have noticed until later that night or the next morning. It is more likely that Madeleine was killed between 6 and 8pm. And, that the meeting in the Tapas bar was hastily arranged.


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11 Responses to “Why Madeleine is dead”

  1. speakyourmind Says:

    So discounting sedation mishap,what are we left with? Acident that was fatal and involved blood shed or muurder which also involved blood shed….Any theories and reasons on this from the blog author?
    Personally I had hoped for sedation mishap as its the kindest least traumatic, I hate to say I think Payne and the allegations are at the bottom of this.

  2. Tom halley Says:

    I think she died behind the sofa, i dont what the cause was.
    The parents had to move quickly to cover the scene.
    Is it possible death occured a little earlier?..just my thinking aloud.

  3. Jean Baker Says:

    speakyourmind – David Payne may well have ‘broke ranks’ and been publicly slandered, along with Mr Amaral, as an act of vengeance. Truthtellers are either threatened with libel or slandered.

    mccannfiles.com November – includes a comment from the lawyer of a Tapas member who contacted the police and changed his story. The lawyer also comments on the amount of political interference and the problems it was causing his client.

    McCann mechanics used the word ‘paedophile’ with Murat, found by PJ to be groundless. David Payne, unlike Gerry, is a surgeon. The comments he was alleged to have made are the type made by 10 year old schoolboys. The author knows little of the mind or behaviour of a true paedophile. The amateurish contents reek of Mitchell’s spin and ignorance.

    Interestly, the alleged ‘report’ only arrived after Brown had ensured Mr Amaral’s discharge due to his competence. The timing coincided with news of a Tapas member ‘breaking ranks’. Those whose silence cannot be ‘bought’ are publicly named and shamed as McCann ‘enemies’.

    It was widely reported that David’s mother did not leave the table when Kate screamed ‘they’ve taken her’. This suggests she knew she was watching play acting. David later stated “we know they didn’t do it” – do what was widely debated. It’s plausible that David, his mother & Fiona Payne decided to extricate themselves from the McCanns and the scam and return to normal lives. David Payne is, by all accounts, a highly successful surgeon. The reported £1 m. interview with Oprah confirms the McCanns are making more from Madeleine’s death than working for the NHS. The rest of the Tapas Group are dependent on their medical careers and David Payne is a ‘high flyer’. Any sensible person in his shoes would leave the McCanns to sort the mess they themselves created, save their own careers and reputations.

  4. kurt Says:

    I don’t understand your account. Are you saying that Oldfield couldn’t find Madeliene during his check or that he never checked on her? Why would he say he never checked on her if that was his intention? Seems more plausible that he said he couldn’t find her and then alerted the parents.

    If that is the case then the timeline makes perfect sense.

    Also, Jane Tanner said she saw the alledged abducter at 9:15. But was that with or without a child? If it was without a child then the abducter actually had 15 mins which is a lifetime to run in and snatch a child.

    I am no expert on child abductions but it doesn’t seem all that implausable for an abducter to take a child in under 10 minutes or even 15 mins. It’s not as if he’d be staying for tea and crumpets.

    What are your credentials to be promoting your timelinf dor death and the accusations that the parents are guilty?

    I do not presume to know enough about this case to have a opinion one way or another. But since you seem to have a rather strong opinion of events I would just like to know your background a bit.

  5. John Hirst Says:

    Kurt: Originally, it was claimed that he could not see Madeleine because her bed was supposed to be behind the door. However, the police photographs clearly show that the door opened the other side and that he could not fail to have seen Madeleine if he saw the twins. Then it was claimed that he did not enter the bedroom but only listened at the closed door. He did not alert the parents. Kate McCann put out the alert. Jane Tanner said she saw him with a child. However, both Gerry McCann and Jeremy Wilkins were both stood talking at the same place and same time and neither saw Jane Tanner. Moreover, according to Gerry McCann both he and Wilkins were on the opposite side of the road whereas Jane Tanner’s sketch places them in the wrong position and wrong side of the road.

    My timeline is the one used by the McCanns themselves. Like the PJ I don’t believe it stands up to scrutiny.

    If you want to know more about me click the About link for my profile.

  6. Karin Says:


    I like this site. Thank you so much, John! Of course she hasn’t been kidnapped and died in the apartment. At first I felt sorry for the parents but as soon as I watched interviews with them I felt they’re acting and now that we know more and more about the facts I’m 100% sure they’re guilty as hell but it looks like they’re getting away and won’t even be charged with child neglect. Living under the cloud of suspicion might be the only punishment they’ll receive in this live so let’s talk about Madeline and the guilt of the McScamms!!

    Greetings from Holland


  7. Ironside Says:

    According now to mccanns scribbled time line there was no Oldfield check.
    Miss Pennington was first on the scene after Kate raised the alarm”They’ve taken her” pennington said she was in the apartment just after ten. The twins were not there, she assumed that one of the friends had already taken them to another apartment.

    Oldfield ‘s apartment was next door to the mccanns. Easy then for kate while everyone else was searching to slip the twins from next door back into 5a. just in time before the arrival of GNR. Twins in a deep sleep in their cots minus sheets.. On a cold night??????.Sedated twins so as not to wake during the evening and being transported from one apartment to
    This left the apartment empty to be prepared for the crime scene, I agree with John ‘Jez was the fly in the ointment. Otherwise Mccann would have had those shutters just the way he wanted them. The abduction may well have been believed.

    It now seems that Quiz mistress did not sit with mccanns on the night of the 3rd. Therefore Mccann does not have an alibi. It is now also possible that Martin Smith did see mccann carrying a very limp madeleine..; just before 10 pm on the 3rd.

  8. justin straccia Says:

    yes. all the tapas 9 have changed their stories so many times i can`t believe they are getting away with it. Bring on the reconstruction and the polygraph. Ill bet anyone odds-on neither case busters will happen…. I wonder why that is…???

  9. John Hirst Says:

    Ironside: Just a couple of points, on Gerry’s scribbled timeline Oldfield is supposed to have checked first. The crime scene is Apartment 5A, where we believe that Madeleine died or at least where her dead body lay for a period long enough for the dogs to smell a corpse. I am sure you mean setting the scene for the fake break in and non existent abductor. I think the missing sheets were used to wrap the body up.

  10. Ironside Says:

    I am sure you mean setting the scene for the fake break in and non existent abductor. I think the missing sheets were used to wrap the body up.

    Yes John that is exactly what I mean. Will have to go back and check, as I thought that Oldfield according to Mccanns scribble did not do the 9.30 check where he saw the twins..

    The twins were not in the apartment at just gone 10pm according to Pennington..Where were they…When GNR had finsished Mccanns took twins from apartment to Paynes one floor above..This was 2 a.m.

    Twins left with no sheets or blankets on a cold night..This does not fit.

    yes I too believe sheets were used as a shroud for maddies little body.

  11. hermione Says:

    David payne and GERRY were having the little ‘chat’ about Madeleine so the peado references would implicate him too. Therefore how can the Payne revelations be a plot to smear him by the Mccanns?

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