McCanns fake outrage

The Independent is reporting: McCanns outraged at failure to pass on information of possible sighting

I am outraged that the McCanns and the British media are making such noises about nothing. Let us just imagine for a moment that there was a genuine abduction of Madeleine from Apartment 5A at approximately 9.15pm on 3 May 2007. This alleged possible sighting took place in a petrol station, less than 5 miles away, in Lagos, 14 hours later!

It is not the alleged sightings post 10pm 3 May 2007 which are relevant to this inquiry. The crucial time for Madeleine’s disappearance is between 6 and 8.30pm on 3 may 2007, when at least one if not both parents were present in the apartment.


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One Response to “McCanns fake outrage”

  1. Jean Baker Says:

    McCanns have friends and contacts in Holland, having lived and worked there.

    How many fair haired three year olds do you suppose live in Holland ? How many are shown on CCTV shopping with their mothers ? Thousands, without doubt.

    British Diplomats and police were with PJ at the time the alleged report was made. Did the British contingent also ignore the report, or is it simply more tredious Mitchell spin to defame the PJ and hard evidence of Madeleine’s death ?

    Mitchell not only continues to use the media to publish fabricated material to pervert the course of justice, he’s a menace to public safety.

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