Kate McCann tried to emotionally blackmail head of the PJ

The Telegraph is reporting: Kate begged Portuguese police to end ‘war’

Once more the British media is adding something to its reporting which is not mentioned in Kate McCann’s letter to Paulo Rebelo, that is, the term ‘war’. And, rather conveniently, failing to address other factors in the text of Kate McCann’s letter.

For example, the McCanns were made arguidos in September. It is improper for the suspects in a case to write to the official in charge of the case demanding to be kept informed about the details of the inquiry into their conduct.

Kate McCann wrote in her letter: “We will continue to work with the PJ (and are keen to do so as soon as possible!) as we have done since that moment when I discovered that Madeleine had been taken”.

One thing that stands out about the McCanns in this case is their failure to work with the PJ from the outset in their inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine. It is a lie for Kate McCann to claim that they have always worked with the PJ since Madeleine’s disappearance. This lie is exposed for what it is given that the letter was written on 4th December 2007, and the McCanns fled Portugal on 9th September 2007 leaving the PJ with 48 unanswered questions.

Kate McCann writes: “Madeleine is the most precious thing in our life”. If this was the case, then the very least the McCanns can do for the memory of Madeleine is admit to killing her and disposing of her body.

Kate McCann writes: “This shouldn’t be about ‘finger-pointing blame'”. However, from the outset of this case the McCanns have been finger-pointing the blame at everybody else but themselves. Ever since they managed to get the PJ files the McCanns have been seeking to finger-point at the PJ for its alleged failings as a distraction from the McCanns crimes of child neglect and child killing and disposable of a child’s body.

It is true that the PJ are guilty of failings in this investigation. However, this amounts to a splinter of wood compared to the plank of wood of the guilt by the McCanns.


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