McCanns responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance

According to the Telegraph: “The pictures could have played a vital part in helping to eliminate suspects or stop any abductor from fleeing the country with Madeleine“.

The pictures may well have played a vital part in the investigation in that the PJ eliminated them from the inquiry. What are these people in these photofits suspected of doing? The Telegraph fails to enlighten us. I am somewhat puzzled by the Telegraph referring to a so-called abductor fleeing the country with Madeleine? First, it has to be established that there was an abduction. It has never been established that Madeleine was abducted. This was a version of events as given by  Kate and Gerry McCann. Like Jane Tanner’s alleged sighting of an abductor, both versions have no credibility.

The photo below of the two suspects in the disappearance of Madeleine did play a vital part.

It is time that the British media focused upon the McCanns and stopped wasting time and trying to insult our intelligence by giving more relevance to sketches of innocent people. It was not the PJ nor the Portuguese who are responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance. Kate and Gerry McCann are.


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One Response to “McCanns responsible for Madeleine’s disappearance”

  1. Harjit Singhrao Says:

    British media like the Telegraph have no right to conduct an investigation into the little girl’s disappearance and it is such a biased newspaper that it reports every little speech made by one of the Tory party nasties.

    In my opinion as a forensic expert, I found doctors always trying to be above the law. They resent being questioned when a crime is committed in which they may be prime suspects.

    Let us look at the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman case. The parents are always the prime suspects when children disappear. in this case both parents had co-operated with the police inquiries answering all the questions. They did not waste police time but the police were not experienced enough to seize on the clues. The New Scotland Yard child abduction unit spotted this and sent over one of their experienced persons to take over the investigation. All the time Ian Huntley had co-operated with the police and the media even to the extent that he was involved in the search parties looking for the girls. The police did manage to find enough clues to convict the killer in-spite of him speck cleaning the premises and the vehicle prior to any forensic examination.

    In one of my cases with doctors i find they persistently lie even when the overlying evidence indicates otherwise. One GP was indecently assaulting patients in his surgery by drugging them. This only came out when he was appended by police at a later stage. I could not find enough forensic evidence from the exhibits submitted by police. However, his file was passed to the GMC to study the case. Eventually the GMC asked him to answer a case of allegations put forward by the patient. To quote one instance when the patient was assaulted in his surgery, he said that she is lying. Upon checking the finer details it was found that the patient had come to the surgery with her 2yr. old son whom she booked in with the kintergarden nurse. All the records showed that the patient was not lying and was in the surgery with him for at least half an hour.
    The police files will also be forwarded to the GMC as Kate and Gerry McCann are both doctors and may well have to deal with children in the future and in the police eyes they will always remain suspects until answers to certain specific questions are obtained. They have told lies in a coverup plot. The GMC has a duty to protect the public and hence all this media play. They are now extremely worried about the limitations the GMC can impose on them.
    Clarence Mitchell and McCann’s hope to conduct an investigation using detectives. The only people who do this kind private investigation work are retired or disgruntled police and forensic officers who achieve nothing but submit in big expenses claims and nothing ever comes out of doing such type of work.
    i only hope that some Judges in UK ruling should stop papers like the Telegraph from manipulating the public in this case as the little girl does deserve JUSTICE.

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