McCanns: Internet not scared to ask the questions the Mainstream Media fails to ask

The Irish Independent today has a piece on the McCann case, Only McCanns know full pain of never-ending story. In a previous piece I accepted that the McCanns suffered pain. However, I concluded that it was self inflicted and that the McCanns could end it by confessing their sins. This would put an end to the never-ending story. The writer Eilis O’Hanlon wants us to imagine the trauma the McCanns have to endure. Why? What about the trauma suffered by Madeleine? Why does the Mainstream Media insist on making the McCanns out to be victims? There are only two victims in this case, Madeleine and justice.

Eilis O’Hanlon writes: “It’s difficult to know where the story can go from here”. This is fair enough. However, there is a big question mark over the journalist’s next observation.

“The internet obsessives will keep the flame burning a little longer, having determined long ago not to let a little thing like the facts stop them witch-hunting Kate and Gerry; but even they will give up eventually”.

This is a bit rich coming from the Mainstream Media which did not let the facts that there was no abduction stop them printing this inaccuracy. And, what about those on the internet pursuing the fact that the McCanns lied about the fake break in? Why didn’t the Mainstream Media pick up on this element of the story? And, when the McCanns stated that they answered all the police questions, and the internet pointed out that they had not answered 40 questions put to them by the PJ, why was the Mainstream Media silent on this issue?

You would think that the Mainstream Media would be saying to itself, why are the McCanns so intent on silencing criticism? That is the story they should be following. Because, behind the McCanns controlling of the Mainstream Media is their secret they wish to hide.


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2 Responses to “McCanns: Internet not scared to ask the questions the Mainstream Media fails to ask”

  1. speak your kmind Says:

    There is loads the media failed to pick up on, cuddlecat was one minute on a high shelf and that is how kate knew an adult had moved it, yet Gerry says it was still on the bed. Whay are the media not wuestioning the governments interest in covering the McCanns? Or the most damning of all, the information about Paynebehaving like a paedophile whilst discussing oral sex and Madeleine…and he is the last person to state he saw Madeleine alive, without his testimony it gives the McCanns alot bnger to dispose of madeleine!!!

  2. Mark Alexander Says:

    I have for some time followed this case on your blog. I fully understand that people will have different views, not all to everyones liking. What is so painfully clear is the basic fact which beyond doubt points the finger of blame to the McCanns, is clearly missed by so many people. The media however have been a mixed bag. When attempting to sell a version of events the legal side of the McCanns have jumped on any story that may or may not support or question their story.

    It must be horrific for them to live each day knowing what they have done.However what really hurts and strikes a chord is the fact that nothing has happened to them.

    The justice system has let down this child. It has allowed for an act of stupidity and neglet to go unquestioned. It is the right of that child to have a voice. I have no doubt that the champagne was flowing and the family were delighted for the McCanns to have their status dropped.

    The police were accused of much and even the locals. Along with the press, bloggers and anyone without a care for the parents. Yet none of us left our children to sleep alone, without the protection any child would expect or deserve.

    Shame on the supporters of the McCanns. Shame on the McCanns and shame on the truth being buried. Much like the child. I fear.

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