McCanns: Accept our version of events or else…

From the outset the McCanns have stated that an abductor was responsible for the disappearance of Madeleine.

The FBI experience is that all too often parents responsible for killing their child try to blame the crime upon a fictitious bogeyman.

Nevertheless, the McCanns have sought to silence others from expressing any view other than the McCanns official explanation. They do this by threatening libel action. First there was the action against Tal&Qual the Portuguese newspaper. Then the action against 4 British newspaper groups. Now the McCanns are considering actions against the PJ, and Gonçalo Amaral for writing his book Maddie, The Truth About The Lie.

It is worth bearing in mind this The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin particularly the following quotes:


Investigators also encounter cases involving false allegations of abduction. Typically, a parent or primary caregiver perpetrates these cases. They report a child as missing or abducted to hide their involvement in the child’s death or conceal their knowledge of the child’s location. Such was the case of Susan Smith, who fastened her two sons into their car seats and watched the car coast into a lake. Subsequently, Smith told police that an armed carjacker had taken both her car and her children. A timely and thorough investigation conducted by experienced law enforcement personnel ultimately proved the fallacy of this allegation. In another case, a mother reported her teenage daughter missing and claimed to have received a telephone ransom demand. An intensive 3-day investigation located the daughter at a friend’s house where she had been staying with her mother’s knowledge and approval. An overwhelming need for attention appeared to motivate the mother’s false report.

Preschool Children (3 to 5 years)

When compared to cases involving toddler victims, emotion-based offenses are less common in preschool children. Sexual crimes, however, occur more frequently. Toddlers, whose increased mobility and desire for independence make them more difficult to control, may cause their caregivers increased stress and frustration. [16] Preschoolers, on the other hand, are often more physically and emotionally developed. This generally reduces dependence and pressure on parents and primary caregivers, decreasing the number of parental emotion-based incidents. Along with their physical and emotional development, however, preschoolers exhibit greater autonomy and experience more prolonged lapses in adult supervision. For example, parents often allow preschoolers to play in their front yards with minimal supervision, providing strangers and acquaintances greater access to these children. Increased ease of access, greater physical maturity, and inherent vulnerability may account for the increase in sexual and profit crimes in volving preschool victims as compared to toddlers. Not surprisingly, strangers and acquaintances are often the perpetrators of sexually motivated and profit-based offenses in preschool children.

For preschoolers, emotion-based crimes are predominately familial with biological parents (primarily fathers) and parental boyfriends/girlfriends commonly responsible for these offenses. Offenders are most often males and their victims primarily female, which differs from the slightly higher male victim population in the infant and toddler groups. In cases where offenders kill victims, approximately one-half dispose of the body within 100 yards of the abduction site (almost always the victim and offender’s shared residence). However, some offenders who kill their victim transport the remains greater distances, attempting to separate themselves in time and space from the abduction site.

Sexually motivated abductions, while more common than in toddlers, occur less frequently in preschoolers than emotion-based crimes. When they occur, however, females are usually victims. The race of both the victim and the offender closely matches the demographics of the area where the abduction takes place. Usually, offenders are male and an acquaintance of the victim (commonly neighbors). This represents a drastic departure from the large number of family offenders found in emotion-based preschool cases. Again, the accessibility of the victim appears to be a critical factor in dictating victim-offender relationship.

Preschoolers who are victimized by sexually motivated offenders are often abducted from their yards or neighborhoods by offenders who know them and who have ready access to these locations. These offenders often have a history of previous sexual misconduct. Some of these offenders desire children as their preferred sexual partners (preferential offenders) while others are simply sexually indiscriminate (situational offenders). Almost all sexual abductions of preschoolers occur at or within 1 mile from the victim’s home.


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2 Responses to “McCanns: Accept our version of events or else…”

  1. Ollie Says:

    I completely agree with you. I am also sick of the biased media coverage in the UK. Yes, they have taken newspapers to court, however, from what I’ve seen, the majority of media sources “side up” with the McCanns and say Madeleine was “abucted” and not “missing” or “run away” or “murdered”. From the aggressive assertation that they had no involvement via the use of PR people and extensive legal teams only further makes me think they have something to hide. In truth we have very little information about anything. There is lack of potential leads and no DNA of “strangers” in the apartment. This leads me to believe that whatever happened all occured in the apartment. As they were out for Tapas, (and thus had no supervision over the “hyper-active” Madeleine) she could have had an accident in their absence.

    People forget, her parents are doctors, very intelligent and have MEDICAL knowledge. To not even think for a second that they know how to dispose of a body without a trace is completely naiive. I believe that the parents are innocent in the sense of not killing her, but they would never chance their reputation as doctors and influential middle-class people over an accident. Even being found guilty of neglect would “ruin” them.

    I believe that the police over here want to let it slip because of this factor – an accident. I think it’s completely wrong for the media to focus on Madeleine when we have more pressing issues like the thousands of troops in Iraq being killed all the time. The case is most likely never to be resolved now that they are no longer Arguidos.

  2. Sara Santos Says:

    The fact that they only admit the abdution theory is simply contraditory ! They always said to believe it was very safe village- they even let their children alone in a unlocked house for more than one nigth!
    But them, 1 min later, it was the village of the vicious child predators!

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