McCanns are still suspects and the case is far from closed

According to the Guardian headline: “Case closed: No leads, no suspects but, say McCanns, the hunt for Madeleine goes on“.

I think it is inaccurate to state that the case is closed. This terminology expresses finality. As I understand it the case has stalled, no obvious progress is being made, therefore it has been shelved indefinitely. The case can be brought off the shelf and continued at anytime.

I would also question the use of no leads. In so far as finding Madeleine is concerned, I feel this is correct. However, this is not the case with no leads in relation to the McCanns being child neglectors, and being involved in the disappearance of Madeleine.  Which leads the PJ to consider whether the McCanns have committed homicide and then disposed of Madeleine’s body. The McCanns claim that there had been a break in was a cover up, this leads the PJ to conclude that the McCanns had lied. This leads to the abductor story having no credibility. Therefore, it all leads back to the McCanns being suspects. They cannot officially be cleared of no involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine without an official inquiry of the facts surrounding the case. The McCanns must answer those questions they refused to answer put to them by the PJ. Only then, depending upon their answers can they legitimately be eliminated as suspects.


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2 Responses to “McCanns are still suspects and the case is far from closed”

  1. jo Says:

    Good work John
    Yes,the case is simply on tow.The mccaans have forgotten Madeleine is still missing and the PJ will NOT give up.This why they are furious and SO unhappy.
    It is only now the truth will unfold gently,slowly but surely.
    What about Madeleine”s wardship? still on,isnt it?
    What is the law in regard of the death of a brish citizen abroad? Could it be brought up by the L.Police?
    Is the leicester police going to open their files,so the mcclawyers can have a look at them?

  2. Jean Baker Says:


    Leicester police methods of interviewing Tapas group – Home Office refused PJ’s request to reinterview the McCanns as prime suspects – were, in legal terms, corrupt. Each interviewee was given access to earlier statements on PJ’s files.

    On whose instructions did Leicester Police act ? The only logical answer is Government’s. Brown & Jacqui Smith reportedly visited Leicester Police.

    Thanks to Mark Harrison and Eddie & Keela’s incredible skills, PJ & Leicester Police ‘eliminated and closed’ a syndicated abduction.

    The reason for Madeleine’s reported ‘disappearance’ was found within ten weeks, irrespective of Government meddling and influence, false leads, sightings etc. etc.

    By corrupt means, such as worthless interview procedures, the Government continues to overrule Madeleine’s right to life and the Justice system. Accident or not, a vulnerable innocent three year old child died in her parents’ apartment.

    Madeleine’s death ‘stands for nothing’ as far as those protecting the McCanns are concerned. The police and law supporting electorate are treated with equal contempt – “the enemy” in this sickening, sordid fiasco.

    Mr Amaral’s “thanks” for carrying out his duty to the victim was the slaughter of his family’s pet dog. In line with legal procedures, he had arranged for independent eye witness to fly to Portugal to testify.

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