Madeleine, the McCanns, Family Justice and the Family Courts

The Times all this week has published a series of articles examining Family Justice and the Family Courts. Given the recent case brought by the McCanns in the Family Court I thought it worth republishing them on here and highlighting those areas I feel may be relevant in the McCann case.

Family Justice: The secret state that steals our children (6 July 2008)

Family courts: The hidden untouchables (7 July 2008)

Family Justice: Your word against theirs (9 July 2008)

Family Justice: What we can do to protect our children (9 July 2008)

Family Justice is private – not secretive (11 July 2008)

“The leading article ended by stating that The Times would not be part of what has become in effect a conspiracy of silence against children “who have no voice””.

“In truth, children have a voice in the guardian and lawyer expressly charged with representing their interests, and the parents, too, have the benefit of legal aid representation. (The increasing threat to the availability of this is a matter of high judicial concern.)”.

“It is true that in criminal cases where a parent is charged with harming a child, the burden of proof for conviction is “beyond all reasonable doubt”, whereas in family proceedings the civil burden is less strict (“the balance of probabilities”).”.

UPDATE: Related link to Guardian article

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