McCanns win MEPs backing for abduction alert system

Gerry and Kate McCann have won the backing of MEPs for a Europe-wide child abduction alert system

I have deliberately left the following words out of the headline “which they believe could have helped find their missing daughter”, because I don’t for one minute believe that they believe anything of the sort.

Apparently, the McCanns began their campaign after discovering that border officials in Spain were not told about Madeleine’s disappearance until 12 hours after the alarm was raised by Kate McCann. I don’t know why Spanish border officials needed to be alerted in this case. It wasn’t as though there had been an abduction. It’s a simple case of the McCanns being in some way responsible for Madeleine’s death and then arranging the disposal of her body.

I think an abduction alert scheme is a good thing in Europe. However, I am repulsed at the thought it should be championed by those suspected of killing their own 3 year old daughter. Especially, when Gerry and Kate McCann had this to say about MEPs supporting their initiative: “By doing so they are helping to make Europe a safer place for children”. This from the hypocritical couple who went out binge drinking every night leaving 3 small children under 4 years of age Home Alone! And this comment: “Hopefully this will also mean that far fewer families have to suffer the pain that we are continuing to endure”.  Any pain that they are suffering is self-inflicted, and they can end it at anytime by walking into the nearest police station and confessing.


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