Justice For Madeleine – Let Her Speak Out campaign

Justice For Madeleine – Let Her Speak Out campaign

The aim of the campaign as it says on the tin is just that. We have heard from the McCanns with their spin doctor Clarence Mitchell. Its time to put up or shut up from both sides. Madeleine deserves justice not what the McCanns say since 3 May 2007 happened. The McCanns have a conflict of interests, clearing their name of all wrong doing. And saying they want the taker(s) of Madeleine brought to justice. If the McCanns are in anyway involved in Madeleine’s disappearance, there is the potential of a conflict of interests. Therefore an independent party should represent Madeleine. We intend to make an application to be joined as an interested party with rights of audience. This has nothing to do with the BNP supporter Anthony Bennett and his so-called Madeleine Foundation.

This campaign is not asking for donations.



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