Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry’s fury at ‘club’ devoted to prosecuting them

Gerry and Kate McCann have expressed their anger at the establishment of a fee-paying “club” dedicated to seeing them prosecuted over the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

A retired British solicitor, Tony Bennett, has set up a fund called The Madeleine Foundation, which aims to bring a private prosecution against the McCanns for alleged child neglect.

But Madeleine’s parents fear members of the public will inadvertently donate money to it because they may mistake it for the McCanns’ own Madeleine Fund, which pays for private investigations into her whereabouts.

Mr Bennett, 60, who has in the past worked with the family of Stuart Lubbock, the man found dead in Michael Barrymore’s swimming pool in 2001, described his fund as a subscription-only members’ club, charging a £10 annual fee.

Last year he tried unsuccessfully to launch a private prosecution against the McCanns, only to be told by magistrates in Leicester that they had no jurisdiction over the case, because Madeleine disappeared in Portugal.

Mr Bennett said: “Some of the money immediately raised will be used to pay for a barrister to give his or her opinion on how best to proceed with a legal action against the McCanns.

“We are a group of people, which is rapidly growing in number, who want to get to the truth of what happened to Madeleine.

“We will also campaign for changes to the law about parents who leave children on their own.

“If you go on the internet and look at some of the forums and blogs about Madeleine, there is a large and significant number of people who feel powerless and who want to do something about it.”

Mr Bennett said the official website for the Madeleine Foundation, which will not have charitable status, is about to go live.

He said all the money raised would be used “in an above board way” and would be openly accounted for.

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ spokesman, said: “It is a great shame that Mr Bennett feels the need to make money out of Madeleine McCann. “He did not seek permission from Gerry or Kate to use Madeleine’s name. This so-called foundation is in no way doing anything to help find Madeleine.

“It purports to be a foundation helping the search for Madeleine but it does nothing at all to help that search and goes against Gerry and Kate.

“Mr Bennett has already tried to take a private prosecution against Gerry and Kate but a court said it has no jurisdiction over something which allegedly happened in Portugal”.

Firstly, I am glad to hear that this move has angered the McCanns.

Secondly, I think Tony Bennett has got the right idea. However, I feel he is going about it in the wrong way. The McCann legal team will swat him like a fly and leave him and the club fund liable for damages and legal costs.

Thirdly, it is a bit rich coming from Clarence Mitchell accusing others of trying to make money out of Madeleine’s name. The McCanns are the biggest culprits for making money of of Madeleine’s name. Nobody needs to seek the McCann’s permission to use the name Madeleine. Why Clarence Mitchell is referring to the aim of the foundation as trying to find Madeleine is beyond me. It’s aim is to find out what happened to Madeleine. Of course it goes against the McCanns, you stupid boy Clarence! They know what happened to her.

PLEASE NOTE: I would not advise sending any money to Tony Bennett and the Madeleine Foundation because there is a danger that it will only go to the McCanns or their lawyers in legal costs against Tony Bennett as there could be a legal dispute over the use of the name Madeleine Foundation.


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23 Responses to “Madeleine McCann: Kate and Gerry’s fury at ‘club’ devoted to prosecuting them”

  1. Liz Thompson Says:

    Tony Bennett the Law Society needs to something about this man. More like a club to fund Mr Bennett & his lunacy. Only fools would pass funds to this man. What a total sham in the name of poor Madeliene.

  2. John Hirst Says:

    The problem is that some will give him money not realising that he will only waste it.

    I campaign for Madeleine for free. I would expect any other lawyer I approach to also work for free. A genuinely committed one will work for Pro Bono if it’s a good cause.

  3. Liz Thompson Says:

    Yes indeed money will be waisted & questioned on this man’s fee’s.
    Mr Bennett’ status & history as a solicitor needs to put in question. For example how long was he a solicitor for and has he any black marks against him. Any use of the Madeleine name has the abilty to raise large sums of money’s. My heart go’s out to the McCann’s who have enough to deal with out the antic’s & money making ventures of this man & his CLUB.

  4. John Hirst Says:

    What bothers me is his links with the BNP. Neo-Nazi’s are not my cup of tea.

  5. Liz Thompson Says:

    Concerns need to raised taken from a Guardian article concerning Tony Bennett: Kilroy-Silk colleague linked to ex National Front Leader: Club is the right word.

  6. Hugh Jarse Says:

    But someone needs to take action to prosecute the parents for neglecting their children. If they were working class action would have been taken to remove their other child from them already.

  7. John Hirst Says:

    Hugh Jarse: I agree. But not Anthony Bennett. I am already in the process of legal action. He’s attempting to hijack it. I know I can beat him no problem. It is just that it is causing a rift in the fight to get justice for Madeleine. Look at the campaign at the top of the blog.

  8. Caroline Heywood Says:

    What an absolute load of ^*@*!*^. This blog has no apparent author – none willing to put his or her name up for scrutiny (and I have no intention to go looking for it now.) And if it is so concerned about Madeleine how come there is nothing written to tell of the search he / she has made for her by the author.

    I am very sorry to see the hypocrisy only continues in the authorship of such stuff. I came to this blog looking for a rational argument. I will keep my prayers for the McCanns but particularly for Madeleine who must be a very frightened little girl. I am sure the lessons have been learnt. We’d all be much better occupied surely by looking for her than engaging in a grownup’s playground of ‘but it was her fault, miss.’ This is exactly what will detract from the subject of the debate.

  9. Concerned Says:

    I wonder if this is the same Anthony John Stuart Bennett that was Reprimaned at a Tribunal brought by the Law Society. An application was heard at the Court Room 3rd Floor, Gate House, 1 Farringdon Street, London EC4M 7NS on the 9th September 2003.Quote from the Court papers: “(iv) by virtue of the aforementioned the Respondent had brought the profession into disrepute and is guilty of conduct unbefitting a solicitor.” Just the sort of chap to run a ‘Foundation’, to charge you £10 for the privilege. The legal papers reveal a lot about Mr Bennett.

  10. Laura Says:

    This really is unbelievable! This man clearly has nothing better to do with his time, that make a bit of money out of a four year old girl. If people do truely want to help, and invest their money wisely, I suggest they donate to Madeleines Fund ( Their money would go towards actually finding the poor little girl who is missing, the little girl who misses her parents, the little girl who has no idea whats going on. Now that would be money well spent! Tony Bennett, Shame on you!

  11. Laura Says:

    Hugh Jarse, Dont you think the parents have suffered enough!?

  12. Pinky Malone Says:

    Is Mr Bennett an advocate for any other organisations anti Gay? or far right wing. Just asking the question.

  13. Pinky Malone Says:

    Sure I saw this man at Gay Pride.

  14. Debbie Says:

    Giving money to Tony Bennett & his ‘Madeleine Fund’ will not help Madeleine one iota. It may help Mr Bennett though.

  15. Karen Day Says:

    Bennett will not be getting his hands on a single penny from me or my family. Enough is Enough this mans actions need to be questioned by the Law Society.

  16. Patricia Says:

    If people genuinely feel aggrieved that Anthony John Stuart Bennett should be reported to the Law Society, then do it.

    Equally people can also pen a ‘real’ letter and send it by snail mail to the Attorney General. They can complain and ask that this man be made ‘vexatious litigant’. Anyone can request this.

    I urge people that do feel disgusted that our society is allowing such a jerk off to continue with his dubious practices, to tap out a letter and send it off.


  17. kelvin Says:

    Seems to me that this idiot just wants to make money from people that are suffering.
    besideds that he has not even got his website up and running yet, ha i wander why!

  18. kelvin Says:

    sorry about the spelling mistakes lol of my last post

  19. Rex Says:

    Anthony Bennett or Tony Bennett as he like’s to called these days is a total disgrace to the the proffession of a solicitor. The Law Society & the Attorney General’s office really need to do something about this man

  20. hermione Says:

    At last someone who will do something to prosecute those awful ‘parents’ If anyone has made a fortune out of Madeleine it’s them. Laughing and grinning all the way to the bank.
    Eddie and Keela sussed them out. The DNA was Madeleine’s but too many friends in high places got them off the hook.

  21. Rex Says:

    Anthony Bennett’s Madeleiene Foundation – ?????

  22. Rose Makintosh Says:

    He just going to take your money – – Madeleine Foundation should be closed down.

  23. keith sambridge Says:

    kate and Gerry mcann are selfish manipulative people with no conscience who are enjoying the limelight while sticking two fingers up to the law and the basic decency that all parents should display.Their other children have nothing to thank them for in still being alive as they also were despicably left to any fate possible on the night Madeleine was taken.The gutless Portugese police must be scared of the powerful machine the mcanns have cunningley created or they would surely prosecute them for child neglect.I see them on a par with shannon matthews mother,the only difference being Mrs Matthews knew at all times where her child was.

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