Child neglector McCanns cause other parents to fear child safety

It is being reported in the McCannfiles that a poll carried out by the editor of, has found that 81% of people are now more aware of the safety issues in relation to children when booking a holiday as a result of the media attention grabbing McCanns neglecting their own children when on holiday.

Child Travel Security

Never leave young children alone at night. There are not only the risks of someone entering the property (very rare) but the issue of dangers such as a fire or the child going wandering or deciding to have a bath. Babysitting is available in most properties or if you are with friends maybe try to eat in or alternating going out if cost or availability is an issue. Dining where kids may meet other kids or where there may be entertainment gives you a chance to have a break and spend some time together while the kids are happy”.

“Be responsible when it comes to alcohol if the kids are out with you in the evening and take turns in having a few drinks if necessary. One adult should always be sober enough to properly and appropriately supervise the children“.

Whilst other parents are now more aware of the possible dangers, the McCanns on the other hand continue to maintain their position that what they did was safe and not in any way wrong.


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2 Responses to “Child neglector McCanns cause other parents to fear child safety”

  1. LL Says:

    Young children should never be left on their own! This is not a new thing either, throughout history it has been proved that a young child can get into difficulty in a very short time, choking, falling, sticking their fingers into an electrical socket! It is common sense!

    However, the McCanns claim that what they did was “within the bounds of responsible parenting” I don’t think so! If a young child wakes up in a strange room and their parents are there, they will be terrified! The McCanns even admit that this happened and yet still they went out again that night and left 3 children under the age of 4 on their own! And still they seem to face no charges or even an slap on the wrist. They claim that they have done no wrong – and it was the evil abductor who should take all the blame! Yet there is no evidence of an abductor! But in my opinion, the parents were responsible for failing to look after their young children properly, leaving them at the mercy of any danger! What if there had been a fire and all three children had perished? Who would they be blaming then?

    Rather than setting themselves up as child care ambassadors, these people should be admitting what they’ve done and sending a very clear message to parents everywhere – Don’t do what we’ve done – NEVER leave your children alone.

  2. jo Says:

    I simply cant understand
    We are on holidays but is this absolutely necessary to drink?is drinking THE ting to do for holiday makers? or take drugs,not the cool spliff but the severe ones?
    People just cant have fun without taking anything?you did not have agood holidays if there was no drinking and no drugs?

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