McCanns: Have to repay fund refunds

News just in that some people who are not happy about the way the findmadeleinefund has been operating are demanding that they refund the money that has been donated. Scroll down to the comment by Porky Pie and read his or her follow up comment here.

You too could afford a Monster Mansion like this if other people pay for its mortgage and running costs from a fraudulent findmadeleinefund…



4 Responses to “McCanns: Have to repay fund refunds”

  1. Amber08 Says:

    I hope everyone who donated gets a full ‘breakdown’ of how their money has been spent and can claim it back if unhappy. There is something totally shameful about Team Mccann, company mccann, trademarking their little girl’s eye allegedly..and an online shop! Dispicable couple who should get themselves and their friends back to PDL..cooperate with the PJ, stop criticising our police in the UK, stop sueing papers, stop fronting child safety campaigns…and agree to all their phone calls & texts being used to aid the investigation.
    Oh there is one thing they can START doing though: search for their daughter themselves instead of a frenzy of media, get your hands and feet dirty doing some hard graft looking for her! Downsize to a property you can afford to live in and start looking after ALL your children properly.

  2. LL Says:

    It is a disgrace that schoolchildren were being asked to bring in all spare change to fill containers to send to the fund. They were being placed in a state of fear, fear of, in my opinion, an imaginary bogeyman. How is this money being used? To pay a detective agency of dubious repute to do what exactly? Remember the headlines last December, this agency claiming they knew where the child was and that she would be back for Christmas, I suppose that was another stunt to try and get people to pay more to the fund!

    It’s a disgrace, they paid their mortgage with it! How does that help in the search for Madeleine? Many children go missing all over the world every year, who pays their parents’ mortgages? I think it is time that everyone remembered that these parents are suspects in the disappearance of their child, and as the majority of cases where children disappear are as a direct result of family involvement it is only right that they should be fully investigated. And if they are found to be involved, then every last penny that was donated to this, less than transparent fund, should be repaid.

  3. IRONSIDE Says:

    I was one of the believers along with my family ,who believed the mccanns were innocent. That is ,until I saw them both being made arguidos and the alleged evidence that went with them being made suspects.

    On kates last trip to Strassbourg, kate implied the public could have done more.My question was how, my family and I gave all we could afford, then when we heard that Poor Old Frantic Searching for His Daughter Gerry, had his wallet stolen ,we sent more money…I believe that week th fund hit an all time high..

    I remember reading of a disabled man who had saved to buy a new pair of shoes ,instead he gave this money to the fund…Little children baking and selling cakes..

    I read of another disabled lady who wrote to Aunt Phil asking for her money back she was told ,”you should have read the smallprint”

    My own disabled mother gave her disability allowance…that she needed…but a child with the best brown eyes in the world was missing…If that money could help find her,well,we all wanted to help….

    Today,I am hurt,hurt for my mother and hurt for my family who cared about a child more than her parents…

    Even if I have to go through the small claims court,I shall but first I must wait until the Mccanns are charged with the accidental death of madeleine and fraud…

  4. blondie2 Says:

    It’s truly disgraceful that the McCanns who are suspects in their daughter’s disappearence ahve set up a fund which they can use for their on expenese. People less well off than they are contributed in the belief that the money would go towards searching for Madeleine.

    I was shocked to hear that they used the funds to repay the mortgage on their house in Rothley.

    Thankfully I did not donate to the fund but I am sure that those who did would wonder why they didn’t sell their house for a smaller one especially since very little of the fund money appears to have been spent in actually searching for the little girl!!

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