McCanns: Have this pair got no shame?

The BBC are reporting that the McCanns ‘confident’ on alert plan. And that the McCanns say some MEPs are surprisingly unaware of their proposal. Is this the same couple who were surprisingly unaware how unsafe it is to leave 3 children under 4 years of age Home Alone whilst they went out binge drinking with their friends?

“Kate and Gerry McCann believe that a European version of the US Amber Alert system would have helped the search for their daughter in the crucial hours after her disappearance”. Is this the same couple who stayed in the apartment whilst everybody else was out searching for Madeleine? I have to say, I for one do not believe that the McCanns believe anything of the sort. Rather, I believe that the McCanns should have been more co-operative in the police and PJ’s investigations. For example, not staging a fake break-in and lying about it, and the same applies for the locked and then unlocked door.

“The US system enables an early warning to be given via the media across the country when police confirm a child has been abducted”.

Well, certainly, the McCanns were not slow in grabbing media attention for themselves. As I understand it, neither the police nor the PJ were prepared to confirm that Madeleine had been abducted. Therefore, even if the Amber Alert system had been in place, it did not seem appropriate in the McCanns case. The parents needed to be very quickly eliminated from the initial inquiries and they did themselves no favours lying so blatently that they came across as suspicious characters.

Kate McCann said “We were, however, also surprised to learn that some MEPs remain unaware of the declaration and its aim of improving child welfare – despite the international publicity that has surrounded it”. Kate McCann talking about improving child welfare? Would that extend to not leaving a 3 year old in charge of 2 year old twins?

Clarence Mitchell had this to say  “In the meantime, their legal teams in Britain and Portugal will continue to push for full access to the information from the police files and the lifting of their wrongly-imposed arguido status”. Where does the idea come from that the McCanns status as suspects was wrongly imposed? As I recall, they were made suspects when they were being questioned and failed to provide convincing answers to 40 questions. Then they fled on the next available flight before the PJ could continue to question them further. Only if the McCanns were entirely blameless would their suspect status have been wrongly imposed.

I am left with the feeling that this pair are shameless.


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2 Responses to “McCanns: Have this pair got no shame?”

  1. Himself Says:

    Hello John, I’m sure you don’t want me to reply to rhetorical questions.

    Given that the whole nine yards is a croc and we know the real reasons for the high profile Saint McCann nonsense I find it somewhat ironic that these two toerags are pushing for an American system.

    Had these two been Yankee citizens they would have been arrested on the spot and short of a couple of million in bail they would still be sat in a cell on remand and upon conviction the eight to ten under the Portuguese system would be, in comparison, a cake walk.

    Not that I consider the US Justice System anything other than a corrupt viscous institution that has much in common with justice as this pair have with innocence.

    I haven’t blogged for a few weeks but you might find something of interest under “Prison Nation” or “Fascism” or any other tag that takes your fancy at.

    And no I’m not a Yankee, a Yorkshireman in fact, but that’s a whole different story why I blog about the US.


  2. Himself Says:

    I should have said in the previous comment feel free to use my graphics if you wish, that’s what they are there for, no need to publish this.


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