How can a children’s rights campaigner support the McCanns?

I have just been looking at the website of Edward McMillan-Scott MEP , elected to represent the people of Yorkshire & The Humber in Europe. I see that Edward McMillan-Scott MEP is the present vice-president of the European Parliament. I live in the area represented by Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, whereas the McCanns do not. Therefore, I am puzzled why he is sponsoring the McCanns who live in Leicestershire?

I would have thought that Edward McMillan-Scott MEP, who is described as a children’s rights campaigner, would not be touching the McCanns with a ten foot barge pole. Has he not heard that they are suspected child killers? At best they neglected their children. What about the rights of the McCanns children?

Surely, somebody in the European Parliament should inform the present vice-president that there is a difference between children’s rights and the McCanns attempts to evade justice?


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2 Responses to “How can a children’s rights campaigner support the McCanns?”

  1. Matt Says:

    Through his shameless social climbing and exploitation of his daughter’s disappearance, Gerry McCann has made some powerful friends, but he doesn’t appear to have made any powerful enemies.

    What is it about these people that causes the great and the good to overlook not only their suspect status, but also their somewhat ‘relaxed’ attitude to childcare?

    Who appointed Gerry and Kate McCann as ambassadors for missing children and why are they lecturing MEPs about a child alert campaign when their daughter is still missing? Surely they have more pressing matters that they ought to be attending to.

    Nevermind your ‘wider agenda’… where is your daughter Mr. and Mrs. McCann?

  2. Kyle Says:

    Matt..well said!

    however the mccanns have gained a powerful enemy.

    The vast majority of the public know what they are, and that is an enemy bigger and more powerful than any of there rich friends.
    people power should unite and not let this rest until justice is done for madeleine.

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