EU Parliament should say no to the McCanns

24 Hours is reporting that the McCanns are going to Strasbourg on Tuesday in an attempt to gain support for a Europe-wide Amber Alert system to be put in place to assist with abducted children.

The problem with this appeal is that it has been adopted by the parents who are suspects in their own daughter’s disappearance.

Whilst the McCanns themselves claim that Madeleine must have been abducted. The police in Portugal believe that the parents were responsible both for Madeleine’s death and disposal of her body.

The EU Parliament should tell the McCanns to shelve their involvement until such time as they have officially been cleared by the Portuguese authorities.

English translation of 24 Hours article here.

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One Response to “EU Parliament should say no to the McCanns”

  1. GM Says:

    It wouldnt matter whether they were arguidos or not, they are raising people’s attention to have a Europe-wide Amber alert system in place, which will be really important for the safety of our children. That’s why the Parliament is welcoming them along this line. Cheers, GM

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